Arizona Restaurant Sales Jump 30% in Week After First Synergy Consumer Connect™ Mailing

New Direct Mail Program Reaches Consumers for as Little As 29ȼ per Address

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Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Fired Pie, an Arizona pizza restaurant, saw sales skyrocket by 30% at its newest location in the week after its first Consumer Connect™ mailing from Synergy Direct Response.

The new Consumer Connect program delivers targeted, offer-driven full-color postcards ranging from 3.5” x 10.75” to as large as 12” x 15” in as little as 48 hours. The per piece price starts at 29¢ per USPS deliverable address, depending on size and mail quantity.

In addition to saving mailers up to 44% on first class postage, businesses are getting powerful results. Fired Pie achieved a 3.76% redemption on postcards mailed, which included a buy one, get 2nd at half-price offer. Co-founder Fred Morgan said the response was considerably higher than the typical 2-2.5% response garnered by similar mailings.

The full-color postcard was mailed to every household in a 2-mile radius around the new restaurant location in Chandler, AZ.

Results were “definitely better than I expected,” Morgan commented. Based on the favorable results, Fired Pie is planning many more mailings.

“The USPS offers a little-known program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) that has dropped the cost of postage to 15.7¢ per piece,” according to Shayne Walters, Synergy’s Consumer Connect program expert.

The program has slashed costs by 20¢ per piece--from a minimum of 48¢ per piece to 29¢ per piece.

“This is a whopping 42% price cut, making it a very attractive channel for marketers who have previously rejected direct mail because of the high cost of postage,” Walters added.

Consumers receive the mailing in 48-72 hours, prompting Regency Theatres of Agora Hills, CA, to send out three campaigns in less than 60 days to drive traffic to multiple locations.

“The quality has just been great,” said Heidi Garcia, Marketing Operations Manager for Regency Theatres. “The postcards always look great, and the program does save us on postage so it fit perfectly with our budget. Plus, it’s 100% turnkey,” she added.

“Synergy’s Consumer Connect” is very flexible, both in format and in targeting geographic areas,” Walters noted.

Businesses can focus their efforts by targeting 3 different demographic criteria. Postcard mailings may be as small as 3-1/2 x 10.75” or as large as 12” x 15”. And, participating businesses are not limited to postcards.

“Any flat mailing—including multi-page mailings—measuring up to 12” x 15” and weighing up to 16 ounces qualifies for the 15.7¢ postage. It’s an incredible bargain,” Walters said.

About Synergy Direct Response

Taking an uncertain economy and tight marketing budgets head-on, Synergy Direct Response’s new Consumer Connect Program™ unlocks a little-known US Postal Service loophole to create high impact results for business-to-consumer marketers. The program is offered exclusively by Synergy Direct Response.

Based in Santa Ana, CA, Synergy Direct Response is a full service direct response agency, focusing on creating and maximizing the success of effective direct mail marketing. Our extensive client portfolio is divided into five divisions, managed by experts in their respective fields: Corporate accounts, non-profit, financial services, automotive, and boutique business.

Synergy’s proprietary, turn-key Consumer Connect mailings save as much as 42% on postage to reach prospects in as little as 72 hours from print to receipt, starting at 29¢ per address mailed including print and postage.

Since 2004 Synergy Direct Response has mailed over 500 million pieces of mail for a diverse clientele including: Red Cross, Hoag Hospital, E-Loan, Fletcher Jones Mercedes, La Costa Resort & Spa, Direct TV, Neiman Marcus, PETCO, Johnny Rockets, Catherines, Chevy’s, and Cinemark Entertainment.

For more information about Synergy’s new Consumer Connect program, please contact Shayne Walters, Synergy Direct Response, at 714-352-8207 or swalters(at)synergydr(dot)com.