Halbert Wealth Management to Offer Investment Programs by Portfolio Strategies, Inc.

Halbert Wealth Management announces a new relationship with Portfolio Strategies, Inc. to offer active management strategies.

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Halbert Wealth Management is looking forward to working closely with PSI in the future to continue to provide our clients with active management strategies.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Halbert Wealth Management is pleased to announce its new relationship with Portfolio Strategies, Inc. (“PSI”) of Tacoma, Washington. PSI offers many active management strategies designed to earn attractive returns while also managing the risks of being in the market. These include some programs that were formerly offered by Purcell Advisory Services, plus some new and exciting programs developed by PSI.    

Gary D. Halbert, President and CEO noted, “Halbert Wealth Management is looking forward to working closely with PSI in the future to continue to provide our clients with active management strategies. We are also looking at some of their other programs as new investment opportunities for our clients.”

About Halbert Wealth Management, Inc.: HWM is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in Austin, Texas. Our underlying investment philosophy is that individual investors should be able to enjoy the same advantages as large, institutional investors like foundations, endowments and pension funds. These sophisticated investors recognize the need to diversify into alternative strategies that actively manage assets rather than simply buying and holding.

Since 1995, we have offered our clients access to a wide spectrum of specialized money managers that employ a variety of active management strategies. Many of these money managers are smaller, boutique firms that might never gain investor visibility if not for being included in HWM’s flagship AdvisorLink® Program.

About Gary D. Halbert: Gary has been active in the investment and money management business for over 35 years, starting as a commodities broker specializing in hedging. In the 1980s, Gary's firm launched a publicly-offered multi-manager futures fund, making alternative investments available beyond the ranks of wealthy investors. In 1995, Gary formed Halbert Wealth Management to expand the types of actively-managed investment solutions available to his clients.

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In addition to the weekly e-letter, Halbert publishes the "Between The Lines" blog each week. Visitors to the Halbert Wealth Management website can activate their free subscriptions to both "Forecasts and Trends" and "Between the Lines," as well as learn more about Halbert Wealth’s approach to active management.