Four Untapped Social Media Channels Law Firms Can’t Ignore

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Facebook and Twitter are yesterday’s news. In the modern world, law firms seeking to maximize their return on social media investment must pay attention to four largely untapped channels that the tips released from Legal Marketing Advantage focus in on.

We’re not going to begrudge any law firm that wants to use Twitter or Facebook to meet their marketing goals, but...those should only be the building blocks of a social outreach program.

For a few years now, law firms have been using social media to foster interactions with clients and their colleagues in the legal world. Facebook and Twitter are saturated with practices looking to showcase their knowledge and gain some new clients in the process.

This saturation breeds intense competition for available space, and a deluge of legal messages end up becoming so much background noise to clients scrolling through their social feeds. This transpires even as many other viable social marketing mediums go untapped.

Legal Marketing Advantage is currently at the forefront of agencies looking into the possibilities afforded by these valuable yet oft overlooked social channels. Javier Corona, SEO expert and CEO of LMA, sees a space for law firms to separate themselves from their competition, and he hopes that attorneys are willing to utilize this.

“We’re not going to begrudge any law firm that wants to use Twitter or Facebook to meet their marketing goals,” said Mr. Corona, “but in today’s landscape, those should only be the building blocks of a social outreach program. There are mediums that others in your field simply aren’t willing to explore, and if you can bring yourself to be more open-minded, those channels can increase awareness and draw new clients through your doors.”

The following tips put together by Legal Marketing Advantage offer a guide on how to expand one’s social horizons:

1. Vine- An offshoot of Twitter, Vine can perhaps best be described as Twitter in video form. Where Twitter emphasizes short sentences and images, Vine allows for videos of up to six seconds to be shared.

Why It Matters To Law Firms- It’s a quick and easy way to convey information in a more visually appealing manner than the standard 30-second television spot. Use the abbreviated nature of Vine to succinctly demonstrate aspects of the law clients may not understand. For example, a product liability lawyer might show how quickly a defect can pose a safety hazard.

2. Instagram- This social channel allows users to post images on a variety of topics and is the preferred method of social interaction for those who think in a more visual manner.

Why It Matters To Law Firms- Instagram allows clients to view law firms in a light they otherwise would never get to see. Lawyers can post photos of themselves huddled over paperwork, speaking in the courtroom in front of juries, and working with clients on cases in progress. Such imagery, when tied to successful case outcomes, portrays law firms in a flattering light.

3. Pinterest- This social site is composed of boards where users “Pin” the things that interest them. If someone likes what they see, they can in turn Pin that to their own board.

Why It Matters To Law Firms- Pinterest offers a sense of kinship that law firms would do well to tap into. While the attorneys at a given law firm won’t see skyrocketing conversion rates from posting their favorite recipes or craft projects, the door is open for law firms willing to take the time to develop and post infographics centered on the legal realm. This material, when done right, can earn Pins that further increase a law firm’s reach.

4. Paid Social Posts- While not a separate medium, these integrated ads are ignored often enough that they bear mentioning. Promoted Tweets and Facebook Sponsored Posts offer a way to cut through the clutter and appeal to interested parties.

Why It Matters To Law Firms- Conversion rates. While a standard social message gets blasted out to everyone, Paid Social Posts offer a degree of freedom unheard of with traditional media. By honing in on specific potential clients based on metrics like location, interests, and keyword usage, law firms can be seen by those most likely to need an attorney.

“By using social media in this way,” said Mr. Corona, “law firms have the opportunity to get in front of clients with a unique and memorable message.”

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