How to Keep Your Marriage Strong During Pregnancy [Tip Sheet]

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Children do not necessarily save marriages...

While it’s a somewhat small number, online divorce service (MDP) confirms that around two percent of the cases that pass through its website each year involve divorcing pregnant couples. To reach this small but consistent segment of clients — as well as other expecting couples — the company has put together the following tip sheet. Here’s what they recommend:

One: Take Active Roles In The Pregnancy.

Children do not necessarily save marriages, MDP acknowledges, but loving them is usually the one thing even couples seriously considering divorce papers usually share in common. “If you both step up and take an active role in the health and safety of the baby, that does two things,” a rep explained. “Firstly, it shifts focus away from your conflicts and onto the relationship between you and your child which will still be there regardless of what happens with the marriage. Secondly, it detracts from a lot of the selfish negativity that leads one party to divorce another during the pregnancy.”

MDP recommends attending doctor’s visits together instead of just placing the burden on the mother. “It could also mean the non-pregnant spouse picks up more of the housework when it becomes too difficult for the mother to move around.”

Two: Sleep In Separate Rooms.

The further a woman progresses into her pregnancy, the more difficult it becomes to get comfortable when resting, notes MDP. “While on the surface, this may sound like a trivial recommendation, it is actually important,” the MDP rep said. “Not getting a good night’s sleep can certainly escalate conflicts within the marriage, and depending on sleep habits, type of bedding, and schedules, it can get very difficult to attain the R-and-R that most people need to function properly.”

Three: Schedule Alone Time.

Pregnancy is a high-stress situation, MDP notes, and it can become easy to lose oneself in the onslaught. “Just like it’s important to stay in tune with one another — to find time for date nights and movies and games and being a couple — you have to also schedule time for yourself,” the rep noted. “If it becomes all about the baby and there is no ‘me’ left, then that can lead to depression, anxiety, and an overall apathy toward the marriage itself.”

MDP acknowledges that divorce forms are rarely filed in cases of expecting couples compared to childless couples and couples with one or more child. However, the two percent total that are expecting a baby when the urge strikes can face significant challenges without a plan for success. provides affordable divorce forms solutions for those looking to file for divorce. Paperwork can be completed and compiled in 45 minutes for immediate use.
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