Phoenix Air Conditioning Contractor Advises Homeowners Fresh Air Improves the Air Quality in Their Homes

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Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC in Phoenix Arizona advises homeowners that the air conditioning air is not always the best air quality.

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Quality Air is a combination of Artificial air and Fresh air!

Arizona homeowners assume that keeping the windows in their homes closed and using “artificial” air to heat or cool the space maintains pure air. After all, if a home is clean and the air in the home circulates without outdoor contaminants entering the space, wouldn’t the air stay clean? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Opening the windows and allowing fresh air to enter a space actually improves the air quality, provided the home is not located near a highway, factory, or other location that has a problem with dirty air. If temperatures permit, allowing fresh air into a home is a great way to boost the health of your home.

Unfortunately, Arizona weather is not always suited to having windows open. Keeping the air clean during the cold winter months and hottest part of summer is a challenge. Never assume the air in a home is clean, just because it smells fine or there are no problems with breathing. Without the proper precautions, the air inside of a home can actually make residents sick. One example of seemingly healthy air causing illness is mold.


Mold is well-known hazard and is capable of causing serious health problems, especially for those who are allergic. It can also affect those without allergies, though it might take longer and the problems will likely be less noticeable, at least at first. Mold thrives in hot, damp environments, but can still be problematic when a home is air conditioned. Often, air conditioning leaks are the cause of mold issues. Portable A/C units often result in problems because of the mix of hot and cold air converging around the window panes. It creates condensation that eventually affects the area surrounding the unit.

Ridding a home of mold is a tough process, especially if the problem has gone untreated for a long time and expanded throughout a home. There is also no guarantee mold remediation will work completely. Many homeowners rid their homes of mold, only to find re-growth occurring in a few months or years. The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it by keeping a home cool and dry. Make sure A/C units in Phoenix are in good repair and there are no areas of the home where leaking or dripping water can cause a problem.

In addition to mold, homeowners must also be concerned about other contaminants. Even people who do not suffer from allergies and sensitivities can feel uncomfortable or have issues breathing if the air in a home is filled with pollen or dust. Air conditioning exacerbates these issues because it distributes the dirty air throughout the home.

Duct Cleaning

One of the best ways to improve the air quality in a home and prevent air conditioning from creating an unhealthy situation is to schedule a duct cleaning. Duct cleaning in Arizona is a good idea for both spring and fall, but it can be done year-round and as often as necessary. It ensures the air in the home is as clean as possible and that the cool conditioned air blowing through the vents is clean and free of allergens.

Interested in a duct cleaning or in need of an A/C tune up? Contact Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC for a free consultation or to schedule service.

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