Launches Redesigned Website has launched a new website to make learning about the prices of dental gold easier for consumers.

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Sell Dental Gold

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) February 28, 2014, an informational website about the cost of dental gold, has launched a new website to help users learn more about the process. The new website should help decrease confusion and make pricing easier to understand.

Their website includes sections to calculate dental gold value, find dental gold buyers, and the process of selling dental gold online. Whether users are hoping to buy or sell dental gold, their website now covers everything from the beginning to end.

"Some of our visitors were confused by our old, outdated website," explained Nelson Hamwey, owner of "We've redesigned things to account for higher gold prices and the changing shape of the web."

As the price of gold rises, more and more individuals are looking to sell their gold online. The price of gold is up over 5% in the past 30 days alone, and over 40% the past 5 years.

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