Seattle Artist Cooper Edens, and Publishers Lucid Atelier, Connect to the Most Popular Poet in the World—Who’s Been Dead 700 Years

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What is it about the 13th-century mystic Persian poet Rumi that speaks to millions of modern reader? The works of Seattle author/artist Cooper Edens —and two new apps for iPad just published by Lucid Dream Atelier—provide a clue.

"You are what is always here and gone, and you’re dreaming the world." --Cooper Edens, "With Secret Friends"

If my works help us all see the larger reality, the ocean inside us, then I am doing what a poet should do.

With over a million copies sold, “If You’re Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow,” may be an indication that readers are not afraid of poetry. But that doesn’t surprise author Cooper Edens, at all. And it’s one reason he’s brought two of his works to life as apps for the iPad.

The just-published apps (“Cooper Edens Night Rainbow” and “Cooper Edens One More Star”), now avaliable on the from the App Store, capture the imagery and words of the best-selling books, but expand the reading experience by using interactive animation and sound. “Really,” Cooper says, “it’s different every time you journey through the it. It gives every reader a chance to be their own poets.”

“People think “poetry” is only for the elite, but we are all more exposed to poetry, every day, than humans have ever been. Popular music, if it has lyrics, IS poetry. Thank the Walkman and the iPod for proving humans are hard-wired for poetry. Poetry is the natural way to communicate emotional truth, and we are emotional beings.”

In works like “Night Rainbow” and “Add One More Star” Cooper paints surreal images of life, and tells the “story” with words that challenge conventional reality. “The great poems,” Cooper says, “always question the world we think we see. They bend words and meanings, and leave a lot to our imaginations.” Asked for an example, Cooper mentions the Persian poet Jalal ad-din Mohammed Balkhi, or, as westerners refer to him, Rumi.

“Rumi’s verses have been the source of songs and poetry in the middle East since the 1200s. And in the past few decades he has been the most-quoted, and best-selling, poet in the world. I think he speaks across cultures because he is focused on what it means to be a human on the planet in the most basic, and the highest, sense.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

“He tells us the world is inside us. Reality is this dream called life. Love is our natural state, and it’s where we’re going, no matter what. My poetry is not Rumi’s poetry, but when I first read him it was like discovering another aspect of myself. If my works help us all see the larger reality, the ocean inside us, then I am doing what a poet should do.”

“Cooper Edens Night Rainbow” ( and “Cooper Edens One More Star” ( are available, for the iPad, from the App Store—$8.99. A Lite (free) version of “Night Rainbow” is also now available.

About Cooper Edens: Cooper Edens is a Seattle-based author and artist. He has written and illustrated original works, like “If You’re Afraid of the Dark,” “The Star Cleaners Reunion,” Secret Friends” and “Caretakers of Wonder.” He has also compiled a number of “Classic Illustrated Editions” of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Tales from the Brothers Grimm, and others.

About Lucid Dream Atelier: Lucid Dream Atelier, Inc. ( creates, develops and publishes digital graphic books and apps. Along with the three apps from Cooper Edens, Lucid Dream also has published one app ( and three iBooks in their original DreamGate Chronicles series (

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