Avantcare Inc.'s Last Call Program - Sobrexa Formulation: Now the Most Widely Used Alcohol Program of Its Kind In the U.S.

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With alcohol problems affecting 17.6 million people in the U.S., for 20 years more people have turned to the Last Call Program to become free from the bondage of excessive alcohol cravings. Building on a base of changed lives, the Program grew exponentially and in 2012 alone, over 3,200 individuals suffering from alcohol use disorders found hope with the Last Call Program making it the most widely used program of its kind in America.

Sobrexa  - shown to reduce the desire for excessive alcohol

Sobrexa formula

The bottom line is that people who once dealt with excessive cravings for alcohol, after following the Last Call Program, no longer suffer from the issue.

When Dr. Frank Gibson began research 25 years ago on a way to help with alcoholism, the world’s number one health problem, his goal was to develop an effective system that was anonymous, could be used at home, produced lasting results, and would work better than any other available options. With the knowledge that over 15 million individuals suffering with alcohol-related problems do not seek any treatment, the Program was designed specifically for those who did not feel that any of the conventional alcohol treatment options were suitable. Today, binge drinkers, problem drinkers, alcoholics, and social over-drinkers can restore their lives without disruption and with a greater opportunity for success than any other program.

As Dr. Gibson explains, “Many people with alcohol problems don’t think they need treatment yet. Perhaps they tried conventional treatment and it didn’t work, or the whole concept of 30 days away from home and work, social stigma, high cost and a lifetime of meetings just doesn’t seem like it’s the way to go for them. If they don’t know, the Last Call Program can help them whether they drink a little too much on occasion or are heading for serious trouble, they are most likely going to do nothing.”

He further describes the real problem explaining, “Maybe they haven’t wrecked their car, ruined their relationships, got a DUI, lost their job, or divorced but sometimes they know its right around the corner. Some mornings they swear they will get help. But most of the time they don’t think they really need to go away for 30 days; they think it’s not that bad and they will be able to manage it. But statistically, they will not. Just look at DUIs as a statistical example! 15% of Americans have gotten one in the past 12 months. It’s 26% in Wisconsin…. one out of four? There is apparently a real drinking problem in Wisconsin.”

Dr. Gibson says the real problem is that, until the Last Call Program and Sobrexa were available, there was only a “worst-case first scenario” option. “In other words, for the 17 million who needed treatment, there was no middle ground. People desperately wanting help practically had to choose to go to an asylum to get help which caused them to wait until ruin came to their lives. Then their family, friends, boss intervened, or they were court-ordered into treatment. The Last Call Program gets people into treatment earlier, before they damage everything.”

According to alcohol addiction experts, most people do not associate themselves with what they normally picture as an alcoholic. The usual image is that of someone slightly dysfunctional in daily life and work, a bottle of alcohol in the desk or hidden around the house, and sort of rumpled in attire and hair.

Actually, less than 4% of the 15% of Americans who are problem drinkers are alcohol dependent. Although not identified with the typical but outdated alcoholic image, the greatest problem lies among the hard-working individual who is trying to live responsibly. They are often better educated, earn more money, and have families. But, according to what science has now proven about addiction, these people also have a brain chemical disease that takes over when they really do intend to only have few beers but...!

The Sobrexa formulation was the first product to address the fact that there needs to be an opportunity for the body to change so that it no longer craves excessive alcohol. Studies demonstrate that Sobrexa and the Last Call Program changes lives. But most powerful are the personal testimonials from actual clients when asked if the Last Call Program really works. Listening to the stories of people who changed their lives and the lives of their parents, children, wives, husbands and friends may offer the hope people who suffer from this horrible disease so desperately seek.

For those interested in learning more about Sobrexa, and how it can help people stop drinking, visit the http://www.lastcallprogram.com and http://www.avantcareinc.com.

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