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AttiCare, a California and NJ company specializing in attic cleanup and attic insulation, announced today that they will be offering a new service to customers: air duct repair & replacement.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are modern staples of convenience that sometimes, despite safeguards, turn into hazards for normal living. Molds and recycling dust can accumulate inside the ducts and attic insulation, which can exaggerate symptoms from respiratory infections and, in some cases, cause them. If not inspected and serviced periodically, these buildups can even spawn life-threatening toxic molds.

AttiCare, an expert Attic Cleaning company in Bay Area, San Francisco, announced today a new air duct repair and replacement service. Providing unparalleled service for over 15 years, they are currently located in San Francisco, CA and New Jersey, and will be expanding to open a new location in Los Angeles, CA this year.

About AttiCare Service: At times, insulation contractors install insulation in areas where water seeps into it, and because of the dense and porous nature of most insulation, it holds the moisture for a long time—creating the perfect conditions for molds to grow. This can also happen in crawl space insulation. Besides mold, air ducts can become infested with vermin such as rats and mice.

It is important to control molds especially, as molds tend to reappear quickly unless completely neutralized. As part of AttiCare’s air duct repair service, they offer rodent control to mitigate and solve this issue as well.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), most molds are harmless, and if anything, will only cause minor irritation in people who are particularly sensitive. Yet there are a few molds that are absolutely deadly. Commonly known as “black mold,” it is not always black and is not always deadly—it becomes so when it has had the chance to produce toxins. These toxins can produce headaches, chronic fatigue, and fever, as well as irritation to eyes, mouth, and the nasal cavity.

About AttiCare Company: AttiCare are the biggest company in the Bay Area and New Jersey which specializes in Attic Cleanup, Crawl Space Cleanup, Rodent Waste Cleanup, Attic Insulating, Air Duct Repair & Replacement and Attic Insulation Removal.

Attic insulation, if not already present in a home, essentially allows the house to retain more heat, saving the owners money on utilities. Sometimes, insulation becomes infested with rodents or other pests, and their excrement, nests, body oils, and other waste. These wastes can eventually become dry, and evaporate, releasing potentially disease-causing agents into the air, such as hantavirus.

Contact Bay Area Attic at (888)-743-7243 or their newly remodeled website http://www.bayareaattic.com/ Their Bay Area location is located at 1160 66th St. Oakland, CA 94608, and their New Jersey location is located at 1430 Riverside Station Blvd. Secaucas, NJ 07094.

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