New Studio, Quixotic Logic, Developing App Based On Dragon Ball Z

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“Over 9000” is an app that will let users “power up” with live graphics and audio.

Growing up in Texas, Adam Quintanilla developed a passion for Japanese animation productions, or anime, from a young age. Quintanilla, like most anime fans, eventually started watching Dragon Ball Z. As a kid, Quintanilla would imagine himself in some of his favorite scenes from the show, particularly a recurring scene in which the characters would “power up” their energy levels.

It was this simple childhood wish of powering up like his favorite characters that gave Quintanilla the idea for “Over 9000,” a new app based on Dragon Ball Z that allows users to do exactly that.

“Over 9000” is an app that will let users “power up” with live graphics and audio. The app records you “powering up” and adds in different choices of aura and energy colors so users can make their video look like their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters.

In addition to the video element, “Over 9000” also contains an interactive audio element. When characters on Dragon Ball Z “power up,” they generally yell and/or make a lot of noise. The app reflects this element of the process, as users are encouraged to make as much noise as possible while they “power up.” The more noise the user generates, the quicker they will raise their power levels.

Users can compete with their friends to see who can reach the highest power levels. Instead of rewarding people who use the app on a random basis, leveling up in “Over 9000” is based on consistency. The more frequently users “power up,” the faster they will increase their level.

The “Over 9000” app is the first project for Quixotic Logic, Quintanilla’s new game development studio. At the moment, Quixotic Logic consists of Quintanilla and a talented staff of freelancers he has brought in to help finish the app. It is Quintanilla’s hope that “Over 9000” will be a springboard towards hiring full-time employees for Quixotic Logic.
In order to acquire the funding necessary to make “Over 9000” everything Quixotic Logic wants it to be, Quintanilla has created a Kickstarter page where fans can donate to the project. Quintanilla estimates that it will take $7,000 to create a demo version of the app and $14,000 to create the full version. For more information about how you can help Quintanilla and Quixotic Logic, or to learn more about the “Over 9000” app, please visit their Kickstarter page at

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