Inner Strength Pilates publish their new guide to Pilates for Men

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Pilates can often be regarded as a bit on the feminine side, admits coach Tamara Gollan, but in her new website article she reveals that isn’t the case at all.

Tamara Gollan and Pilates for Men

Tamara Gollan: Pilates isn't just for women

Thankfully, the misconception that Pilates is just for women has begun to fade.

The Pilates coach, in her article Muscle and Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Pilates for Men, points to the fact that the exercise routine’s creator Joseph Pilates was male and that many men describe the exercise as an intense physical workout.

She adds: “Pilates has been used by over 50 years as a training exercise for both men and women, and has helped to shape many elite athletes and sports professionals over the years.

“Thankfully, the misconception that Pilates is just for women has begun to fade, with the exercises continuing to grow in popularity and with more men, including sports professionals and athletes, beginning to realize the amazing benefits that Pilates can provide.”

Pilates For Men: How it helps:
Pilates has been described as essentially a hassle-free exercise regimen that boosts both muscle and fitness in addition to increasing endurance and flexibility. It also improves overall body structure and creates a strong, well-sculpted physique. It is common for professional athletes to take up Pilates as a cross-training exercise.

Pilates supports uniform muscle development, and helps to keep the body in symmetry and balance. As a result it reduces the chance of injury during weightlifting, or any other sport that requires intense physical effort.

Pilates focuses on strengthening the core. This provides a vital foundation no matter which exercises are routinely performed. It is also an excellent means of increasing muscle and fitness, and helps the body remain trimmed, toned, and in great shape.

Benefits of Pilates for Men
Pilates can create a solid foundation for muscle development. It can also help to improve overall fitness and result in an overwhelming feeling of increased vitality and health.

Core Strength
This central focus of Pilates is highly beneficial for men since a male workout tends to focus on developing individual muscles. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on developing the core to power movement in the arms and legs.

Core exercises help to develop the powerhouse of the body and lead to deep muscle development. This foundation is an especially important point to build on for exercises such as weightlifting, or other types of weight-based exercises, since a strong core can help prevent back injuries. Pilates also helps strengthen transverse abdominals, the base abdominal muscle under the six-pack.

Pilates exercises work out the whole-body, providing balance and increased flexibility. This flexibility is an important part of injury prevention during sports or workouts.

Pilates doesn’t just help the body’s actual balance - it also helps create balance in the body. Since Pilates helps to encourage uniform muscle development, it is the perfect cross-training routine for sports and other exercises.

Pilates Exercises for Men
It is best to attend Pilates classes to maximize the potential development from the exercises as well as to have access to some of the equipment and machinery available. However there are exercises that can be done at home, including:

Half Roll Back
The Pilates half roll back helps develop key core muscles.

How it’s Done:
Sitting with the heels on the floor and knees bent, outstretch the arms and remain parallel to the floor. Next, curve the back into a C shape. Pull the stomach in towards the spine, and keep the arms outstretched parallel to the floor. Inhale, while keeping the stomach pushed in, and then slowly roll back, rounding the spine with the chin to the chest. Stop half-way to the floor, and exhale to return to the starting position. Repeat six times.

Alternating Toe-Taps
The toe-tap exercises can help target specific muscles and works both the abs and leg muscles.

How it’s Done:
Lying on a mat with the arms at the sides, lift the feet and bend the knees so that the legs are parallel with the floor. Keeping the back straight, slowly tap the floor with a toe, and then bring the leg back up. Do the same thing with the other foot. Alternate the feet like this for one minute.

Getting the Most From a Pilates Workout Class
Beginners should seek a qualified instructor to ensure the exercises are being carried out correctly. This will also reduce the risk of injury. They should also ensure the instructor is both qualified and genuinely interested in an individual’s progress. The ideal instructor will care about personal goals and tailor a workout to suit those specific needs.

Inner Strength Pilates and Barre offer small-group-size Pilates, Barre and Reformer classes. This means being able to tailor to suit specific needs. Timetables for classes are available while more information can be found on Facebook or the company’s two Google+ pages.

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