Lords Witnesses Bible Scholars Predict Twin Nuclear Attacks on Manhattan from the Hudson and on London from the Thames near Dartford before March 16, 2014

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Give us a sign! The Lords witnesses are genuinely attempting to prove to people that the bible is written in a symbolic cryptic and coded numeric code which gives the timing and details of the good and the bad things to come.

The Lords Witnesses are an international research based Christian church. They have some astonishing understandings of the bible and bible symbolism and the bible code. The code they specialize in is not the letter skip bible code of Michael Drosnin and Eli Rips. It is the symbolic and cryptic and coded numeric illustrative Greek and Hebrew code in which they understand Jesus, Moses and the Prophets spoke and wrote. The dreams of Daniel and Joseph are a key to unlocking this code.

Their president, Gordon Ritchie, laments that there is very little interest in the wonderful understandings his church have produced. For example he enthuses: Jesus famously said to Satan: "Get thee behind me Satan". Whereas he said to Matthew the tax collector: "Be my follower". So what is the difference between these two commands? He did not say get lost Satan. He said: Get behind me. But Gordon points out that if you get behind someone you become their follower. So he concludes, and the Lords' witnesses teach, that these words are a prophecy that one day even Satan himself will repent and become a Christian. And further that if Satan will get there then so will we all at some point.

However the research church has found, just as in the days of old, that bible research is of little interest to people. The only way to wake then up would appear to be a sign! Hence the nuclear predictions. Without getting bogged down in too much detail, the Lords Witnesses believe that the fire sign contest of 1Kings18 and the mushroom shaped position that the prophet Elijah adopted in the account and the rising concave cloud from the sea, relate to a nuclear mushroom cloud. They understand that the account directs them to continue to attempt to predict when fire will come from the heavens in the form of a nuclear terrorist attack. Likewise they interpret the pillar of fire and cloud that guided Moses out of Egypt as having a greater fulfilment in a modern day pillar of fire and cloud which is a very large or nuclear explosion. They interpret the greater contest of 1Kings18 as being settled by fire signs before the 8th Passover after the contest began in 2006. That Passover occurs on 2014Nisan14 (2014April14). Then they refer to other scriptures which indicate that the fire signs will occur just over a month before then. Furthermore they understand that the Kingdom of God began 6,000 years not after Adam's birth but after his sin, and he sinned aged 33½ the same age that Jesus was when he paid for that sin. That puts Adam's sin at 3993Nisan14 and the start of the Kingdom of God at 2008Nisan14 (since his birth was 4027Tishri1 according to their calculations). Before the reader laughs too loudly, their president would point out that Jesus said to the Pharisees in Luke17 that the Kingdom would not come observably (initially). Also the Israelites took 7 years to conquer their promised land which is a archetype for the Kingdom of God. And the 7th year of the Kingdom of God starts on 2014Nisan1 (2014April1) by their calculations.

For a full explanation of Lords Witness symbolic interpretations of nuclear catastrophe and their chronology and for an exposition of their doctrine and morality and chronology and for their best efforts to explain the symbolic, the cryptic and the coded numeric dimensions of the bible code as they see it please visit http://www.lordswitnesses.net.

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