Originals By Weber of Cream Ridge, NJ Announces their New Weber Thermal Wrist and Ankle Wraps

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Raynauds Syndrome is a disease that causes people to have fingers and toes that are always painfully cold. It is a condition they have to learn to live with day-after-day… in both summer and winter, there is a Special Trial Offer below.

Originals By Weber of Cream Ridge, NJ 08514, announces the immediate availability of their new Weber Thermal Wrist and Ankle Wraps. These days, there is a constant search for a remedy of any kind such as: surgery, ointments and pills. But, the good news is, help is now available for them! This new invention by Originals By Weber is the new: Weber Thermal Wrist and Ankle Wrap. They are designed to automatically relieve the pain and discomfort of cold fingers and toes caused by Raynauds Syndrome.

These new Weber Wraps make use of a unique insulation material that is a “spin-off” of our space program (NASA). You see, years ago, NASA searched to find a way to keep space walkers (astronauts) warm and comfortable. After much research and testing, they developed a new and exciting insulation material. It is now available here on earth and is considered the world’s best, lightest and most efficient insulator in the world. It is called: Aerogel. It is the lightest and lowest-density solid known to exist. It is composed of amorphous silicon dioxide, and is 99.8% air. In fact, this insulation material holds the world's record for being the best insulator and lowest density solid known to man. It is a new kind of insulating material that also negates just about any kind of energy transfer: thermal, electrical and even acoustical.

When Weber learned about all of the benefits of this very unique new insulation material, (Aerogel) it became apparent that this insulating material was just what was needed to help people ease the pain and discomfort of their forever cold and very painful fingers and toes.

Wearing a pair of these, non-electric, Aerogel infused Weber Thermal Wrist and Ankle Wraps can make it possible to warm the blood as it circulates from the wrists and ankles into the fingers and toes. That free flowing and warmer blood is exactly what is needed to give additional warmth to those cold fingers and toes.

Wearers of the Weber Wraps soon feel their fingers and toes are much warmer, pain is reduced and there is much less discomfort. Weber recommends wearers of the Wraps should wear them 24/7 as much as possible. The idea behind wearing these Wraps 24/7 is to attempt to condition the many small blood vessels to, expand and grow larger, as the flow of more and warmer blood passes through them. This means larger quantities of much warmer blood can then flow into the wearer’s fingers and toes. In this way, the pain can be reduced and fingertips can change from a cold white color to a healthy, and much more comfortable warm pink color.

The Weber Wrist Wraps for wrists (Item # 12-2-W) are made with a covering of beige nylon material 10" long by 2" wide and approximately 3/16" thick. The Ankle Wraps are 12" L x 2" W. When these Wraps are placed on the wrists or ankles, they are held in place with Velcro fasteners that are easily adjusted for comfort & fit. . The Weber Wraps are made in two sizes to fit men, women and children. They are available for immediate shipment from New Jersey.

When Weber was asked what kind of feedback he gets from his customers about the Wraps, he gave the following quotes from several of his customers:

“For the first time in years my dad has warm hands-Thank you so much!”

“Great seller, thrilled with purchase.”

“I actually am surprised at how well these work!”

"Wraps are as described. Fast shipping. Highly recommend."

"I have worn the heck out of the ankle and wrist wraps, they have helped with my circulation in both my hand and foot."

"Thrilled with purchase of wrist & ankle wraps!"

"Wow! These wraps really work! No more cold fingers!"

"Product works great!" "Fast shipping, description is accurate, I'll recommend these wrist wraps!"

"Glad to have purchased this very unique & reusable wrist wrap."

One customers told us she tested the Wraps to relieve the arthritic pain and swelling she has in her fingers and they worked for her so that may be a new way to use these Wraps to help people with arthritic fingers.

Specifications: These non-electric Wraps use insulation material (Aerogel) NASA developed for use in space. It is an ultra-thin, highly efficient insulation product that helps to provide Temperature Level Control (TLC) of the blood. The increased flow of this warm blood helps to reduce the annoying pain and discomfort caused when constantly suffering with cold fingers and toes. The two sizes are: Wrist Wrap is 10" long by 2" wide. The size of the Ankle Wrap is 12" L x 2" W by approximately 3/16" thick. Item # 12-2.-A Satisfaction is guaranteed or money back.

SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER: Weber Thermal Wrist & Ankle Wraps (non-electric): TRIAL PACK #TP-1 @$16.00 (+free shipping), Includes one Model #12-2 Wrap (not a pair). Try one to experience the relief and comfort, then order one more at $16.00 (+free shipping). Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back. For more information, you are cordially invited to call: 1-877-309 -8382, or visit Website to see more details and video or to place your order:

http://www.originalsbyweber.org/products-services/raynauds-wrist-ankle-wraps/ or write to: Originals By Weber, 4 Summit Drive, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514.

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