OnAlert Guardian Brings an Automated Solution to Reducing Gun Violence in U.S. Schools

OnAlert Guardian, utilizing their Automated Emergency Response Engagement System (AERES) with Weapons Detection is aiming to be a solution to gun violence in U.S. schools according to On Alert Guardian President & Chief Technology Officer Bryan Noland.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

OnAlert Guardian, utilizing their Automated Emergency Response Engagement System (AERES) with Weapons Detection, is aiming to be a solution to gun violence in U.S. schools according to On Alert President & Chief Technology Officer Bryan Noland.

“OnAlert’s mission is to make our nation’s schools, children and teachers less vulnerable to gun violence,” says Noland. “People, especially under stress, cannot respond as fast and with as accurate information when confronted with violence, but AERES can. AERES was developed subsequent to the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012."

According to Noland, AERES is a comprehensive automated alert system. In the event of weapons fire AERES simultaneously sets off an internal alarm within the AERES protected area, while also alerting local first responders with a detailed report of the situation. AERES technology allows those in danger to immediately take practiced precautions and ensures responding Law Enforcement Professionals know what they are up against.

Noland says AERES automates the first response to gunshots detected in schools. He says AERES will notify 911 much faster than people can. He says it can also provide police with accurate information pertaining to the rapidly changing situation inside the school.

“AERES will not only enable a faster response time, but it will also put more real-time situational intelligence in the hands of first-responders,” Noland. “This means law enforcement can safely engage and neutralize the shooter much faster.”

Noland says people should think of fire detection and reporting system already in place in every school when thinking about the importance and value of the AERES system.

“The best way to view AERES is to think about it in terms of a school’s fire detection and alert system,” says Noland. “Imagine what life was like when schools did not have automated fire detection and alert systems.

Noland say fire alarm systems are mandatory in all schools, and they are vital to the safety and protection of life.

“All schools have fire alarms even though no one has been killed in school fire in 50 years,” says Noland. “Yet, no schools have gunshot detection and reporting alarms despite the fact that 337+ children & teachers have been killed or injured in gun related violence in schools since 2000.”

Noland says schools haven’t been able to have this type of alarm protection because no products like AERES have existed.

AERES is beyond the “conceptual” stage and is currently developing the system for on-site testing and manufacturing, according to Chris Shaw who is handling funding relationships for the AERES project.

“With the On Alert Guardian "AERES" coming to fruition, we have the ability to advance nationwide the safety of our school systems and our children,” says Shaw. “OnAlert is currently in the second stage of funding to help our team continue moving forward with our final testing stage equipping our pilot school sites in multiple states then positioning our full on scale manufacturing of the product for a nationwide launch.”

Shaw says he is thrilled to be part of a project that not only makes good business sense, but can also have an impact on the lives of so many children and those who love them.

“Being a part of this opportunity has made me realize that we can truly make a difference in securing the safety of our children's lives.”

Contact Chris Shaw for more information at Press(at)OnAlertGuardian.com

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About OnAlert Guardian Systems, INC.:

OnAlert Guardian SystemsTM, Inc. is an early stage company located in Stamford, Connecticut with development Tulsa, Oklahoma formed for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling a unique and patent pending technology system called AERES (for Automated Emergency Response and Engagement System).

OnAlert founders are seasoned, successful business professionals, and its founders and development staff has extensive past experience designing military gunshot detection technology, as well as the unique communications and automated control technology AERES employs.


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