New eBook Offers Fresh Insight Into Children's Inner World by Looking at Their Drawings

12 Must Know Facts about Children's Drawing Interpretation, the guide to understanding children's emotional world through their drawings, was published in March 2014 by industry leader

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(PRWEB) March 13, 2014

As parents or professionals who work with children, we see drawings almost on a daily basis, but what do you really know about them?

Children’s drawings offer a unique opportunity for understanding their inner world. The shapes, lines and colors in drawings are all parts of the child’s individual puzzle.

In depth analysis of children’s drawings will reveal fascinating insights about their personality, talents and difficulties they may be experiencing at school, kindergarten and home.

Children’s drawings provide valuable information about how they experience their world:

  •     Social interactions at kindergarten or school
  •     Reasons for fears, tantrums and adjustment difficulties
  •     Parent-child and sibling relationships
  •     Behavioral patterns such as: being spoiled, stubbornness, or independence
  •     Coping with eating and sleeping disorders
  •     ADHD and learning disabilities
  •     Talents, intelligence, self-esteem
  •     Academic success and areas of interest


If you would like to obtain a copy of the e-book, please visit or contact:

Michal Wimmer
Tel: 972-52-6350020
Email: info(at)roshida(dot)com

12 Must Know Facts about Children's Drawing Interpretation was also published by in March 2014 in pdf, txt, ePub, Mobipocket and a variety of formats compatible with Kindle, Sony, iPad and other readers.