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Share Article has added the Housing List Blog to it's Online Packet! The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet is a great resource for finding various low income programs. Section 8 or Public Housing applications are always free at your local housing authority when they are accepting applications.

News Image has added a Housing List blog to their Online Packet. This is not a Section 8 housing application. Only Housing Authorities can provide that application and it is always free to apply. The intention of the Housing List application process is to help prospective landlords and tenants to contact each other. This Housing list can only be found in the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet from This addition is new as of February 2, 2014.

Hiram Lewis is the founder of the Online Packet and He is an Entrepreneur and advocate of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. This law was put in place to prevent discrimination as it pertains to renting a property to a tenant. Any incident of this that is brought to HUD's attention will be investigated and could possibly become a matter for the courts. In the Sale and Rental of Housing: No one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap. An apartment complex that offers tenants ample, unassigned parking must honor a request from a mobility-impaired tenant for a reserved space near that apartment if necessary to assure that the tenant can have access to the apartment. However, housing need not be made available to a person who is a direct threat to the health or safety of others or who currently uses illegal drugs.

Anyone can become a Section 8 landlord. There is not a Section 8 landlord application exactly, but there is the Housing Assistance Payment contract that the landlord will sign with the Housing Authority before renting to a Section 8 tenant.

Most Housing Authorities give special preferences to those already living in that particular city and state. However, one can still complete these applications but will be required to move to that city or state when chosen from the waiting list. That applicant may also be required to come in for an interview. The Online Packet is updated each week. If someone does not see the exact city that is preferred, in a few weeks, these listing are updated agin. will post those links to that particular housing authority when that housing authority is accepting applications for Section 8 or Public housing.

During this current economy, there is a growing interest in learning how to apply for Section 8. HUD allocates funds to local Housing Authorities that administer the Section 8 housing program locally. Only a predefined number of housing vouchers can be offered, this is why Section 8 waiting lists open and close so rapidly. Housing assistance programs are meant to help low income individuals and families find decent safe housing while a portion of the rent is subsidized by the program itself. In general, to qualify for this type of housing, one must be below HUD's low income median level. This may vary from state to state.

The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet that is offered by, helps potential applicants locate Housing Authorities that are currently accepting applications for Section 8 or any form of a low income housing application.

The Online Packet also contains the Section 8 Consolidation Program application, which one can apply for online. This is a non federal program that awards grants to low income families or individuals.

Applicants can apply for the Section 8 Consolidation program online and or find out where Section 8 or Public housing applications are currently being accepted. The Online Packet can also be used to learn about lesser known government rental assistance programs and how, where and when to apply.

Moore information on how to obtain a Section 8 application and how to get involved in low income housing with the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet.

The Section 8 Consolidation Program combines low income grants with affordable housing opportunities that come in the form of section 8 listings in an Online Packet. Section 8 housing voucher holders can user the Online Packet to retrieve listings of low income housing, and apply for the Section 8 Consolidation program online.

The Online Packet also offers information about foreclosed homes and how to buy them. Generally, a foreclosure happens when the lender re-possesses a house because the owner can no longer make the mortgage payments. These listing have nothing to do with Section 8 listings but the property is now worth less than the payments owed, the lender could seek a deficiency judgment against the borrower, which means that not only would the owner lose the house, but would also owe the lender an additional monies. If someone is facing eminent foreclosure, they might be able to work with the lender to obtain an interest free loan from HUD to bring the mortgage current. If they qualify, and the lender files a partial claim. HUD will pay the lender the amount owed to pay the mortgage. The borrower signs a promissory note and then a lien will be placed on the property until the promissory note is paid in full. Some homeowners might qualify for a pre-foreclosure sale. This is the main reason investors are interested in foreclosures. In some cases are able to buy a property at a fraction of its value.

In order for one to become a Section 8 landlord the landlord must follow the guidelines of the local housing authority as it pertains to inspections, a legal lease, finding a tenant and the completion of the Housing Assistance Payment Contract. More details and a step by step process is also available in the Online Packet.

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