Data Devices International, Inc. Announces the Introduction of the SSD Terminator Which Completely Destroys and Disables Solid State Memory

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The SSD Terminator is an innovative dual-action solid-state media sanitizer that radically destroys computer SSDs and other solid-state media including cell phones, PDAs, circuit boards and memory cards. The ALL-NEW SSD Terminator Compact SSD V-Spike Destroyer is a "2 IN 1" SSD Destroyer which disables and destroys all SSD Electronic Components.

The Terminator Solid State Memory Destroyer

“The Terminator Model MVC-SSD-V integrates two technological breakthroughs into one machine,” said David B. Partridge, President of Data Devices International, Inc. “This is the first destroyer to eliminate the information from the SSD."

Data Devices International, Inc. announces the introduction of The Terminator Model MVC-SSD-V, a “2 in 1” machine which completely destroys and disables solid state memory, electronic components, cell phones, PDSs, and circuit boards. The SSD Terminator doesn’t simply fold a drive, or punch a few holes in it.

The SSD Terminator Model MVC-SSD-V’s specially designed multi-sector plates with interlocking pyramidal spears chew, crush and demolish every square inch of media, and then delivers crippling pulsed electrical jolts into each sector disabling sensitive electronic components in the media, and rendering all data storage components inaccessible and unreadable.

“The Terminator Model MVC-SSD-V integrates two technological breakthroughs into one machine,” said David B. Partridge, President of Data Devices International, Inc. “This is the first destroyer to both eliminate the information from the SSD and then completely physically destroy the media.”

First, the SSD Terminator 40,000 pound-force crushing platform physically destroys the media. SSD media and the data they contain are unaffected by magnetic degaussers and other electromagnetic destruction modalities, including microwaves. The Terminator Model MVC-SSD-V patented crushing plates physically penetrate and rip into the core circuitry in SSD media. They then release pulsating electrical jolts into the electronic components, disabling them and rendering them unreadable, in addition to physically crushing and mangling them.

Secondly, the All-New V-Spike™ technology delivers a fatal electrical jolt to disable electronic components on SSD media including memory chips and controllers. The 187 sharp, hardened-steel interlocking teeth release multi-sector pulsed electrical jolts that target and disable sensitive electronic components of the SSD media.

The SSD Terminator occupies a physical space of only 22.5" x 9.75" and stands 16"tall. It was designed for desk and table-top deployment and to be unobtrusive. This makes it ideal for space-limited offices and server rooms. Your storage media never has to leave your secure server room or facility for destruction, eliminating the worrisome "chain-of-custody" security risk.

The SSD Terminator is designed with lock-out doors. It will not engage unless all doors are completely closed. This prevents hands or pieces of clothing from being carelessly caught in the crushing chamber. The operator never has to touch potentially dangerous debris that could have splinters , shards, or sharp edges. The debris collection bin holds 1 computer SSD or 2 laptop SSDs.

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