Arizona Orthotics Debunks Common Myth That All Custom Foot Orthotics Are Created Equal

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The premier custom orthotics authority in Phoenix, Arizona Orthotics, explains the different levels of custom foot orthotics and how to choose the best fit for a specific need.

Truly custom foot orthotics are rarely identical left and right.

In today’s out-of-the-box world, everything is pre-made and pre-packaged for the masses, including many “custom” foot orthotics. Made-in-advance orthotics are never custom because they are not made specific to the individual. By definition, custom means, “made to the specifications of the individual.” The opposite of custom is “mass-produced” or “ready-made.”

The widespread sale of ready-made products, inappropriately labeled custom, is the cause of said myth that all custom orthotics are created equal. Inserts, insoles and arch supports are all produced for the masses and are not created equal to made-from-scratch custom foot orthotics. Arizona Orthotics is out to explain what truly makes a foot orthotic custom.

Understandably, there’s confusion about custom foot orthotics because:
1.    Many orthotics are created from a weight bearing deformed foot impression.
2.    Some orthotics are designed to only move pressure from areas of higher pressure to lower pressure.
3.    Some orthotics are made based on the antiquated single axis theory of foot function originated by Root, Orien and Weed in 1977.

Only one made-from-scratch custom foot orthotic is designed to support an individual’s corrected arch-up foot posture and precision calibrated to match body weight, foot flexibility and activity level – the Gold Standard of custom foot orthotic design.

A total of 26 bones create 33 joints that can either move with ease to support foot health or move dysfunctionally. Dysfunctional movement can result in many foot problems, including plantar fasciitis, bunion, hammer toe, arthritis and Morton’s Neuroma. It’s comparable to synchronized swimming: if one person is out of sync it ruins the entire performance. Similarly, without the full cooperation of all the bones and joints with the help of a truly custom foot orthotic, foot health is ruined.

With each step, the foot must absorb a shockwave of force and properly dissipate this force throughout the entire body. This dissipation of force is a result of optimal foot support and alignment. An orthotic that fails to make full arch contact with the heel raised 45 degrees is not providing good support.

In addition to full-contact arch support, calibration is essential. Calibration is how shock absorption and propulsion is optimized specific to individual body weight, foot flexibility and activity level. Instead of the ordinary rigid plastic shell used by some, a calibrated orthotic creates a biomechanical advantage that optimizes pronation and supination (see video) specific to the unique support requirements of the individual. Precise calibration, not offered by the one-size-fits-all products sold today, is the most critical aspect of the custom foot orthotic.

Arizona Orthotics proudly offers Sole Supports™, the medical-grade custom foot orthotic currently available based on a completely new paradigm: MASS position (Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization). MASS position is designed to actually change foot posture and function during weight-bearing activities.

This corrected MASS position is captured by a unique 3-D impression technique that utilizes a specific density foam and a sequence of semi-weight-bearing impressions that emulate healthy stance-phase gait (gait referenced casting – see picture). The resulting orthotic fits the shape of each foot like a glove and is machine calibrated to have the accurate properties of flex and rigidity based on body weight, foot flexibility and activity level. The goal is to significantly limit pronation, facilitate supination, and yet flex just enough for comfort. This custom level of rigidity and flexibility makes Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics the best money can buy.

About Arizona Orthotics
All orthotics are NOT created equal. Arizona Orthotics is your local resource for Sole Supports™. Made from scratch and precisely calibrated to body weight, foot flexibility and activity level. Welcome to the next generation of custom foot orthotics! Learn more by visiting

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