RootMetrics Issues First-ever National RootScore® Report On Consumer Experience of Mobile Carrier Performance

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Extensive Performance Study Shows a Tight Race Between Verizon, AT&T in the U.S.

RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, announced today its National RootScore® Report, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive report on consumer experience of mobile performance across the United States. While visiting all 50 states, RootMetrics drove nearly 220,000 miles, visited 6,300 indoor locations, and collected more than 4.6 million test samples. The new report provides a statistical characterization of nationwide mobile performance and is, quite simply, the most thorough mobile performance study ever undertaken.

“There’s a staggering amount of marketing noise out there, making it very easy for consumers to get lost,” said Bill Moore, CEO of RootMetrics. “In such a confusing landscape, consumers are in need of clear, unbiased information. And, that’s exactly what we’re providing with our RootScore Report program. We give depth and transparency to how consumers really experience networks to help people make the most informed decisions about their mobile services.”

The national report provides a full breakdown of how each network performed across data, call, and text testing, as well as which network was the most reliable and which was fastest overall. The company’s suite of National, State, Metro and Airport RootScore Reports provides the most holistic, nation-to-neighborhood view of mobile network performance available.

National Report Findings
It’s a tight race between Verizon and AT&T, with the other two networks trailing by a wide margin. Verizon won the Overall Performance RootScore award, which includes reliability and speed assessments across call, data, and text testing. A good Overall RootScore means good overall coverage and a good consumer experience.

National RootScore overall performance rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 89.7)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 86.2)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 68.2)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 64.3)

Good coverage is a combination of reliability and speed. To give consumers a view of these key coverage elements, each RootScore Report also includes a Reliability Index and a Speed index. Based on a combination of results from data, call, and text tests, the Reliability Index evaluates network access and consistency, while the Speed Index evaluates time to task completion across data and text results.

Across the U.S., Verizon ranked highest in network reliability, while AT&T edged ahead of Verizon in network speed.

Reliability Index rankings:
1 – Verizon (Reliability Score: 89.8)
2 – AT&T (Reliability Score: 84.9)
3 – Sprint (Reliability Score: 65.2)
4 – T-Mobile (Reliability Score: 57.1)

Speed Index rankings:
1 – AT&T (Speed Score: 88.7)
2 – Verizon (Speed Score: 88.5)
3 – T-Mobile (Speed Score: 74.3)
4 – Sprint (Speed Score: 65.8)

Data RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 87.3)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 83.9)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 51.2)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 48.7)

Call RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 91.1)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 86.6)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 79.6)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 74.1)

Text RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 94.7)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 94.3)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 92.8)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 90.1)

Looking at the network reliability and speed indices in conjunction with the other RootScore categories offers the most comprehensive look at a typical mobile experience.

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State of the Mobile Union Summary Report
To complement the National RootScore Report launch, RootMetrics also published today its latest State of the Mobile Union Report. The report offers people an easy-to-read summary of national, state, and metro performance results. Connecting the dots across all of these levels, the report provides consumers a complete picture of the current mobile performance landscape.

The company also offers consumers an online CoverageMap that combines professional and crowdsourced results and a free app that allows people to test performance for themselves. Taken together, the RootMetrics suite of products lets consumers find the insights that are most relevant to their individualized needs.

Get a copy of the report here.

About RootMetrics™
RootMetrics®, based in Bellevue, WA, is an independent mobile analytics firm that offers insights into the consumer mobile experience. With its downloadable CoverageMap app for Android or iOS, RootScore Reports for that look at national, state, metro, and airport performance, and an online CoverageMap, RootMetrics provides data on network performance to the public to help people make more informed mobile decisions. To ensure that RootMetrics testing reflects real-world mobile usage, testing is conducted based on where, when, and how consumers use their devices most often.

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