A New Progressive Multidiscipline Medical Office Using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy has Recently Opened to Serve the Orlando Region Emphasizing Proactive Healthcare

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Live Well Medical Centers Orlando’s Primary focus is prevention of illness, with a team of Internal Medicine, Primary Care, and Family Medicine specialists using a progressive approach with proven Anti-Aging Philosophies and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy that includes a thorough evaluation of all hormonal systems and general state of health. An unbalanced hormonal state has been proven to have a direct effect on Diabetes, Menopause, Andropause, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, and many more illnesses that are safely treatable with natural hormone supplementation.

Hormones in general have raised considerable controversy in the medical world and the general public as well. For many years, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was thought of as unnecessary and harmful. That is until recently. Live Well Medical Centers Orlando (http://www.livewellorlando.com) has recently opened a progressive, forward thinking medical practice that is working to prevent disease, restore health, and perhaps increase longevity through balancing the hormonal system with natural or bioidentical hormones, not the synthetic variety. Synthetic hormones have been proven by the World Health Organization to be cancer causing and many studies report they are only mildly successful in the reduction of symptoms. Bioidentical or natural hormones are structured from natural sources to be the same as the human body would produce. Although the process is quite complex from the physician side, it is relatively easy on the patient side. Diagnosis and treatment is achieved by lab testing of hormonal levels and prescribing the appropriate hormones at the required levels. The hormone levels are regularly checked to keep them in the optimal range to achieve the best results. Symptomology is also considered as a very valuable diagnostic tool. The resolution of symptoms is regularly assessed as well.

It is surprising that the majority of the United States population do not know what BHRT is, or what replacement of natural hormones to the human body can achieve. Its popularity is growing quite rapidly now as it has been found to be safe, effective, and works. It does help to understand what a hormone is. Briefly the human hormonal system is essentially a messenger service. The hormones circulate through the body and direct the various functions of the human body on how to perform. It is generally accepted in all of medicine that hormone production decreases at a rate of 2-4% per year.

LWMCO believes the rate of decline is faster than that, as the age in which symptoms are seen sometimes begins in the late twenty’s. Environmental contamination is one of the major causes of this change. Additives to food supplies to enhance production are another reason. Plastics, Parabens and many other hormone mimickers also add to the problem of disrupting hormonal balance. Menopause, Andropause, Hypothyroidism are the big three hormonal Imbalances that are most prominent. There are many others. Careful and appropriate administration of natural hormones can completely rid the effects of hormone loss and prevent the progression of many disease states hormone loss can create.

Live Well Medical Center Orlando has assembled a team of physicians and support staff to effectively treat the hot flashes, energy loss, mental fogginess, decreased sex drive, depression, etc. Three highly dedicated physicians from Internal Medicine, Primary Care, and Family Practice are well versed in this treatment. LWMCO is able to treat anything from a common cold to Hypertension, Diabetes, with an emphasized focus on hormonal balancing. LWMCO is especially proud to have enlisted the services of Gary C. Bernard MD, who has become one of the more respected physicians on the East Coast in Hormonal Balancing. Dr. Bernard is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, which is the credentialing agency for BHRT.

Live Well Medical Centers Orlando, http://www.livewellorlando.com, is a physician medical practice that has taken a strongly proactive direction in the treatment of healthy living. While treatment of existing disease is readily available at LWMCO, the focus on prevention of disease is a leap forward from a traditional medical practice. There is a strong motivation for natural hormonal balancing and weight loss. It is their goal to improve the quality of life and possibly longevity. It also should be noted that most Medical Insurances are accepted. This can significantly reduce the out of pocket expense, since most other BHRT practices are operated on a cash basis.

Live Well, Be Well

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