Speed Up Emergency Spill Response for HazMat Accidents with New Repair Plugs That Instantly Stop Leaks – Even Under Water

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FlowStop’s unique “Football” and “Golfball” Spill Containment Plugs activate in 5 seconds for near instant emergency spill response that controls leaks in pipes, boats, tankers, rail cars and other industrial applications.


FlowStop New "Football" and "Golfball" Plugs

In about 3 minutes from arrival we had the leak stopped. Thanks for a product that works as advertised!

Hazmat accident spills can now be stopped almost instantly with FlowStop’s new Golfball and Football spill containment plugs. Fire Departments, Hazmat crews, first responders, towing teams and other emergency spill response professionals are finding these new polyurethane impregnated, water-activated foam plugs control spills in under three minutes.

Both plugs have revolutionary qualities that will temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe, to a tanker, to a rail car -- even a boat hull. What makes both products so unique is that they start as a pliable plug that can be easily inserted into a void. Then it quickly expands and hardens to fill the void, taking the shape of a golf ball or small child’s football. The versatile repair plug can even be applied below the water line.

The FlowStop Golfballs and Footballs are ready to use immediately, with no mixing or other prep work required. The application is fast, simple and mess-free. Most important of all, they set rock hard in under three minutes – and work for all types of accidents, punctures and leaks.

The new plugs are also making a major impact in the marine and towing industries when large fuel tanks are damaged in roadway or waterway accidents. They’re available in Kits that come in a labeled 3 ½ gallon poly bucket with lid along with step-by-step instructions and protective gloves per individually packaged Football or Golfball plug. The Kit can be customized to include a mix of both products or just one size.

Each plug comes in a foil packet. Once submerged in water for just 5 seconds the yellow-foam is ready to plug a hole, curing in less than three minutes at temperatures ranging from 32 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Remaining Golfballs or Footballs can be stored in the bucket for future use.

Both plugs provide excellent resistance to gasoline, kerosene, diesel, formaldehyde and other urethane chemicals and toxins.

Response has been extremely positive. “An 18 wheeler flatbed jack-knifed and the trailer’s landing gear penetrated the tractor’s saddle tank. It took two FlowStop “Footballs” and 1 “Golfball” to stop the leak completely. The putty in our picture is the plug and dike that was used (unsuccessfully) prior to the application of the footballs and golfball,” explains John Frost, Battalion Chief, Hazardous Materials Technician, The Woodlands Fire Department Emergency Training Center, Conroe, TX.

John Phillips, Chief, Mint Hill Fire & Rescue, says, “This morning we found a 3/8" pipe fitting had been knocked off from under the side of a tractor trailer’s tank. The fuel was running out of that port, leaking about a gallon every minute and a half. We got out a FlowStop Golfball, applied the water, kneaded it up and worked it into that 3/8" hole. In about 3 minutes from arrival we had the leak stopped. Thanks for a product that works as advertised!”

“Our new Golfball and Football plugs are amazingly fast and have proven to abort crisis situations better than anything else on the market,” notes Perry Beaty, president of FlowStop’s manufacturer, Logos Inc. “Everyone who has used them is impressed by their speed and effectiveness.”

About FlowStop

Based in Denver, North Carolina, FlowStop is an industry leader known for its inflatable pipe plug designed to handle emergency spill response, hazmat accidents, flow control containment, remediation, and evacuation/flushing. It also simplifies drain line maintenance. Fema Grant-approved, the patented design includes single and dual 2- inch flow-through ports for serving non-pressurized pipes. The models not only arrest unwanted contaminants in storm drains. They also turn the storm drain into a containment tool – thereby simplifying the control and remediation process. The innovative design technology includes Thermo PolyUrethane construction which, unlike rubber, won’t gum up or eat through the plug – and is impervious to hydrocarbons and 99% of known chemicals. The FlowStop units combine to contain contaminants in pipes from 6 to 48 inches. All models are housed in a waterproof, weather-resistant case containing all the components necessary for quick and easy operation. There are no other products comparable on the market.

The FlowStop “Golfball” and “Football” Plugs are the newest products in the line, controlling leaks more quickly, easily and accurately than any other product available anywhere. To learn more visit http://www.FlowStop.net or call 877 356-9767.

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