New Social Networking Site Based Around Technical Evaluation API Looks To Gain Funds Through Indiegogo And Change Job Hunting Forever

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BRAINCITIES is still currently in the developmental phases, but it has the promise to drastically simplify the job search market upon its release.

One of the biggest challenges facing both job seekers and job recruiters is the lack of a reliable platform for them to connect and display technical and human skills that they have (in the case of the seeker) or are looking for (in the case of the recruiter). There are a few social media sites that support working connections, most notably LinkedIn, but its difficult, if not impossible to find the perfect employee-employer fit through these platforms.

This is a problem that the team behind BRAINCITIES is looking to solve. BRAINCITIES is a professional social networking site that uses technical evaluation API to uncover potential connections. The site combines these technical evaluations with more traditional elements like a resume database and a job posting board. Additionally users can edit Tests on various topics and receive financial compensations for it. Indeed if their tests are receivable and validated, the creator of the tests will get paid by any recruiters that will want to use them in addition to a job listing.

For job recruiters, this allows them to really see who the most qualified candidates are. For instance, recruiters who list a job on the site will be able to see more than just a candidate’s resume. They will also be able to see how they scored on technical evaluations that are relevant to the position. This will separate the candidates who are truly prepared to be successful from the candidates that just say they are. Job recruiters can even associate their job listing with a technical evaluation so that only candidates who score high enough will be considered.

While it could be used as great resource for recruiters, BRAINCITIES also will help job seekers quite a bit. Most professional networking or job search sites contain a massive number of resumes that look pretty similar. For someone trying to stand out in a job search, it can be pretty discouraging. A potential candidate might be masterful at HTML, for instance, but if a company receives 500 resumes from 500 candidates that virtually all claim to be excellent at HTML, it’s nearly impossible to stand out. But with BRAINCITIES, job seekers can take show off their skills through evaluations, so instead of just saying that you’re great with HTML, you can prove your skills on a neutral playing field.

The main purpose of BRAINCITIES is to simplify the process of connecting great employees with great employers. In addition to the matching process at the heart of BRAINCITIES, there’s also a personal evaluation portion of the site as well. After a job seeker meets and interviews with a job recruiter on BRAINCITIES, both sides can evaluate the process so other future matches can review what others have said in the past.

BRAINCITIES is still currently in the developmental phases, but it has the promise to drastically simplify the job search market upon its release. In order to fund development and the hiring of additional staff, BRAINCITIES has created an Indiegogo page where interested parties can contribute to the project. For more information about BRAINCITIES, please visit that page at or BRAINCITIES website at

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