Smart Home Device Utilizing Facial Recognition Debuts Online

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Chui, a product of, is an “Intelligent Doorbell,” that identifies visitors at the front door and alerts owners.

Consumers and businesses can place advance orders for the Chui “intelligent doorbell,” which blends facial recognition and other proprietary technologies to enhance security, convenience and efficiency in homes and workplaces.

The increasingly common phrase “The Connected Everything” reflects the fact that more and more homes, and more and more devices within those homes, are connected to the Internet. Chui is a WiFi-enabled device that employs advanced facial recognition technology to make homes socially intelligent. A CEA Market Study showed that an estimated 92% of new homes have Internet access, as do virtually all businesses. Chui has been designed to capitalize on that trend by serving as an “intelligent doorbell” that can also be used as a security and monitoring device both outside and inside the home or business.

Chui delivers real time notifications to the owner’s smart phone or computer that include the visitor’s image, name and timestamp, while also offering the option of two-way audio and one-way video. If the visitor—such as a friend, family member or delivery person—has been “enrolled” by being photographed using either the Chui device or a web or mobile application, the notification will also identify the visitor and unlock a suite of innovative features. Whether Chui owners are inside their home or business, in the car, or traveling overseas, the notifications let them know whenever someone is at their front door.

Chui also offers Identity Based Audio that plays personalized messages upon recognition. For example, the owner can record a message telling a friend where a key to the front door is hidden, or a message telling a delivery person where to leave an important package.

In addition to playing pre-recorded messages for designated visitors, Chui can spare its owner the hassle of an awkward encounter with its Do Not Disturb feature. For example, when Chui’s facial recognition technology detects a person the owner does not wish to see, such as an annoying neighbor, the owner can easily arrange it so no notification is sent and the doorbell does not ring.

Chui can be further enhanced by pairing it with Internet-connected locks and smart lighting systems. These pairings allow the door to be unlocked, or the inside lights to be turned on, when Chui recognizes an authorized face.

“We officially unveiled Chui’s patent pending technology at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January,” said Shaun Moore, co-founder of 214 Technologies, “and we could not be more pleased with the positive response we received.” People visiting the company’s booth were impressed with demonstrations of Chui’s ability to differentiate between identical twins, and to recognize someone even when disguised by eyeglasses and other accessories and under varying lighting conditions. “Between work, recreation and vacations, many people spend the majority of their time away from home. Chui allows homeowners to stay connected when they’re away from home, and business owners to stay connected when they’re away from work,” explained Moore.

Moreover, Chui’s advanced technology serves to bolster home security by helping owners protect valuables and monitor activity. Specifically, Chui can be placed inside the house and use its motion detection capability (if enabled) to notify the owner in the event of any unpermitted access. The owner then can tap into a live feed after being alerted of a breach and call the police with one touch on Chui’s mobile app. Chui can also be used by passionate pet owners when away from home to monitor their pets in real time, or by parents to check on a new teenage babysitter. “We believe that technology advancement should be focused on empowering the consumer,” said Nezare Chafni, 214 Technologies’ other co-founder, “which is why we designed Chui to put its owner in control.”

Mr. Chafni noted that Chui has been tested for both consumer and commercial applications over the past few months. Upon conclusion of an external test of Chui at Common Desk, a Dallas-based co-working space, general manager Merrick Porcheddu said, “To know who is checking in to the space is vital to maintaining a safe workplace for members of Common Desk. Chui provides that extra layer of protection and peace of mind for our members, our staff, and our guests.”

Home and business owners wishing to enhance their security, convenience and efficiency are encouraged to visit to reserve a Chui device.

About 214 Technologies
214 Technologies was founded in early 2012 in a hotel room in Morocco by Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni, two friends and graduates of Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. Following graduation; Shaun, a former SMU football player, then went to work for Merrill Lynch, while Nezare became one of the youngest candidates for parliament in his native country. Soon, however, the two young men decided to pursue their dream of becoming serial entrepreneurs and start a software development company that puts social intelligence within everyone’s reach.

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