MinuteHound Releases New Time Clock Software for Every Size Organization

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Staying ahead in a world that is run by technology can be rather difficult. However, companies will find that this task is just a little bit easier when they use MinuteHound's timekeeping software.

Biometric Time Clock With Cloud Access

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

MinuteHound's software, as a result, helps to prevent theft from the workplace.

In a world filled with technological advances, companies of all sizes are looking for the best ways to stay in-touch with modern demands. Edits and revisions are made to their systems, their programs and their products themselves. On top of all these changes, some companies are also looking for ways to modify the way employees clock-in and out of the work place.

MinuteHound's time clock technology provides a solution that makes sense for all different sized businesses. The equipment is available in various packages, so business owners are able to select the one that best matches with the needs of their company. The software is plug-and-play and requires only a computer to function.

This method of clocking into and out of work is different from many others in that it uses fingerprint technology to record the hours worked. Employees swipe their fingerprint at the start of the day, and they do the same at the end. Those who are concerned about safety will be happy to know that 128-bit encryption is used to protect sensitive data.

MinuteHound's software, as a result, helps to prevent theft from the workplace. Calculating minutes lost to employees who were not actually there on their shifts may show companies that they need to be more prudent and watchful during the working hours. However, MinuteHound is able to take on that role of overseer. Since the equipment uses fingerprints, stealing time is virtually impossible. Employees are unable to sign in for one another because they would need someone else's fingerprint to accomplish that goal.

In addition to preventing employees from clocking in or out from one another, MinuteHound also helps bosses and managers to keep track of company happenings when they are not physically present. Some employees might come into work late, or others might leave before they are supposed to. When the manager or boss is not at work, these issues could go unnoticed, and they may develop into bigger, and costlier, problems over time. MinuteHound works to put an end to these problems as well.

Essentially, a text message notification or email can be sent out in the event that an employee does not show up for a scheduled shift, leaves for an unscheduled break or exits the workplace before the day is over. With MinuteHound's fingerprint technology system, managers have a helper in keeping track of employees. When considering how much time and money are squandered each year by companies, the profitability of this software becomes more apparent.

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