Parkway Pet Clinic Dog Dentals: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy

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Parkway Pet Clinic is an affordable veterinary clinic that is offering new dental cleaning specials for dogs and cats. To promote responsible pet ownership, Parkway Pet Clinic is sharing four important tips to keeping your dog healthy.

Parkway Pet Clinic dog dental cleaning specials

Dog Dental Cleaning

Affordable dog dental cleaning specials performed by professional licensed veterinarians.

Parkway Pet Clinic highly recommends proper oral care is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. The risks of periodontal disease can hardly be ignored, thus even if your pet is already manifesting early signs of plaque and tartar buildup, it is never too late to pay attention to your dog’s dental health.

Parkway Pet Clinic is a low cost san diego veterinarian clinic offering affordable dog dental cleaning services. Here are a few important tips to help keep your pet’s teeth in excellent condition.

1) Start a regular dental health routine for your dog:
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80 percent of dogs over three years of age suffer from various teeth and gum problems. As a responsible pet owner, you should do your part in ensuring that your dog’s oral care routine is carried out every day.

2) Your dog needs regular professional cleaning:
A good dental health program for your pet should include regular visits to the veterinarian for professional cleaning. While you are at the clinic, be sure to ask for advice on how to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and keep periodontal problems at bay.

3) It’s never too late to start an oral health regimen:
Puppies should already be trained to get used to their mouth and teeth being examined to prevent any problems and/or resistance during brushing and professional cleaning. If you are not sure how to brush your dog’s teeth correctly, you can ask your vet to show you how.

4) Inspect for food particles lodged in between teeth:
It is important to check your dog’s teeth for food particles because they can create a favorable environment for the buildup of plaque and tartar. The combination of food particles, saliva and bacteria creates plaque that can harden into tartar within a few days. Without proper dental care, these will make the perfect environment for gingivitis or inflammation of the gums which can later on develop into periodontitis. This is a form of irreversible periodontal disease that can eventually lead to loss of teeth.

Teeth and gum problems are painful and can make your pet’s life miserable. Without proper care, bacteria associated with periodontal disease may spread to major organs of the body including the heart, lungs, and kidneys. This can pave the way for potential life-threatening problems to set in.

Taking a proactive approach to your dog’s dental health care is also an important part of pet grooming. Daily oral care and good nutrition are important factors that can keep tooth and gum problems at bay.

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