Spring Release 2014: A New Wearable Offers Real-Time Health Checks - The iewei Wellness Wristband

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iewei Ltd. solution starts at the base, raising awareness by making the invisible pollution visible — that is what iewei, the wellness wristband is all about. It is an “alert system” capable of measuring the wearer’s exposure to harmful radiation, in addition to monitoring heart rate and body temperature.

iewei Ltd.

iewei, the wellness wristband

Electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century, watch out when telecommunication companies will have to start selling health insurance to cover the cost of brain tumors.

For the network operators 'Greed is good' was a phrase immortalized by Michael Douglas' in his Oscar-winning turn as the unscrupulous corporate raider Gordon Gekko in 'Wall Street', the 1987 film that defined that era's 'more is better' culture of excess. But these days as far as iewei is concerned 'Green is good.'

The last two decades have been littered with doomsday criers foretelling the imminent repercussions of the insatiable urge for carbon based fuel, the destruction of oxygen producing forests and the indiscriminate dumping of industrial waste into the ocean. The 90's were awash with horror stories of holes in the ozone layer, acid rain, melting icecaps and the greenhouse effect. But as evidenced by the recent craziness over the sold out ' I am not a plastic bag' canvas tote designed for Whole Foods, the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles and concerns about reducing carbon footprint (total amount of CO2 produced by an object or service) suddenly environmentalism is sexy, hip and center stage. And the image makers in Hollywood have stood up and taken notice.

And here, iewei joins the ring. Speaking out loud a critical situation caused by the invisible pollution also known as EMF. Electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century, an invisible source of radiation everywhere, that it slowly destroys the planet,

It was time to start digging into that sensitive problem. Says Mr. Xin Wei, Operating Manager and co-founder of iewei Ltd. "The public is misled by the so-called scientific information published. 89% of those reports are paid, conducted and approved by the telecommunication industries! When one independent team of scientists dare to publish the truth about the effects of the radiation, instantly, some powerful lobbies of the "industry" discredit them. One thing is crystal clear,”add Mr Xin Wei, “the operators claim that there is no prove of any health risks by hiding the long-term health effects by chronic exposure to wireless devices. So: we became Lab rats!”

Governments seem concerned enough to take actions:
In more than a dozen countries the use of mobile phones by children is restricted and the government advises precautions. The latest nation to join in this precautionary principle is Belgium. As of March 1, 2014 sale and advertising of cell phones especially designed for children under the age of 7 years old are banned, as is advertising for cell phones during children's programs on TV, radio and the internet, but the children are still not safe. It remains alarming that the mobile network operators show no initiative to actively inform the consumers at the selling point how to use their cell phones more safely. Especially when it comes to people that are highly vulnerable such as kids, pregnant women and the elderly.

Rona Nadine Bacas, Head of Marketing says: “Right after iewei Ltd. went public, the positive response from people who welcome the wristband was huge and companies started to partner-up. iewei is the first in the field of wearable EMF detectors. Today people are facing majors health issues. Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic pollution can lead from symptoms like rashes and chronic fatigue up to brain cancer. But then, how to cover the medical costs? The Brain Tumor Foundation estimates the cost of treating a glioblastoma, the most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans, at more than $450,000 and says costs of treating a brain tumor can reach $700,000 in a lifetime. iewei Ltd. raise funds to support and help those that can’t afford to pay for the necessary treatments."

Mr. Xin Wei, Operating Manager and co-founder of iewei Ltd. Says: ‘Electromagnetic radiation is an emerging health problem in today’s society; a problem that must be monitored. The danger lies not only in our inability to differentiate between what is real and what is not but also in the very real possibility of becoming so tolerant to fake scientific reports that when something real does happen we miss it. The question remains: Is make a phone call dangerous? Yes when using a cellphone! With the development costs of implementing 4G, the licensing and marketing it will take a while for operators to generate any significant profit. That is assuming telecommunication's goal is to just make money. It could simply be another check mark in a laundry list of ingenious strategies as the world's leading spies with a top secret master plan to carry everything one could possibly need in a pocket. But watch out when the operators will have to start selling health insurance to cover the cost of brain tumors. So if the telecommunication companies just take a moment to calm down they will realize that things are as dire as they seem."

The world can truly benefit from the advance of science but it is vitally important to take effective action to make all the various sources of EMF compatible with life on earth. It’s not a step backwards, but a step forwards.

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