The GROUPOEM Band Launches $50,000 Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Reuniting after 25 years, GROUPOEM looks to raise funding through Indiegogo for a new 14-song album, music video and launch of a nation-wide tour.

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

Vancouver-based indie alternative rock band, GROUPOEM, is focused on raising $50,000 in funding through its Indiegogo Campaign to support its efforts to bring its brand of great original alternative rock music to the world.

25 years ago, the band toured the United States in the summer of 1987. The band's songwriting and musicianship, lead by songwriter/guitarist Terry Robinson, was so unique, so combustible, it could only explode with success, or self-destruct.

Unfortunately for Groupoem's legion fans, the band split up in the fall of '87 after the tour, and the four musicians scattered into other bands including Forced Anger Band, and Toronto's BFG and Guilt Parade, and Marph's Mr. Science and Cursed Gerald.
Fast forward to 2013, all four band members found themselves living in close proximity to one another in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bass player Darren Katamay, guitarist Terry Robinson, drummer Chris Lee and vocalist Marph reunited and began working on all new material. The band scratched together enough funding to go into Vancouver's legendary The Farm recording with famed Sound Engineer Tim Crich and recorded four new songs, the foundational work for a new album.

Now, with the hoped for generous support of donor contributions to its newly launched Indiegogo campaign, Groupoem will be headed back into the studio soon to record ten additional original new songs. The result will be a 14-song album, the band's first since 1987. If the band reaches its goal of $50,000, the funds will also provide for the production of a music video, and the planning, promotion and staging for a nation-wide tour.

Click to listen to Groupoem's "Affluenza."