Tai Chi Beginners - Expert Interview with Dr. Roger Jahnke and The Way of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi—is it exercise, mediation, martial art or is it something else altogether; where did it come from and what are the ancient secrets? Learn this and much more.

For those who are new to martial arts and are looking for a practice to explore, or looking to enjoy one of the many benefits, Tai Chi is likely to be taken into consideration. For this reason many believe that Tai Chi is a method of martial arts or a physical and mental exercise—however, it is actually so much more.

For tai chi beginners, or those who are interested in learning more about this ancient Chinese term—the history of the word is quite intriguing. While Tai Chi can be used to refer to a form of martial arts, by definition Tai Chi actually refers to the merging of balance and harmony. This means that Tai Chi can be used to refer to a wide variety of healing practices—including marital arts and Chinese medicine.

In a recent audio interview with Cathy Shafer of Wellness Coach Connection, and Dr. Roger Jahnke the Director of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Facility—the history of the phenomenon of Tai Chi is discussed in great length. The topics covered in the audio interview help Tai Chi beginners gain a better understanding of how Tai Chi can be applied to their life in a variety of ways—including a physical form designed as a mind/body practice to maximize well-being, creativity, energy, and clarity of mind.

"Tai Chi beginners can apply the physical practice of Tai Chi to help calm and heal themselves from the inside out. It is an ideal practice for those who are stressed out, and are looking for ways to become more self-reliant and liberated from pharmaceuticals. It is a healthy alternative that teaches the next generation a skill that will help build their minds, bodies and souls for life." -Cathy Shafer

The full audio interview with Cathy Shafer MEd., RRT, and Dr. Roger Jahnke is available to all Tai Chi Beginners at http://thewayoftaichi.com/gifts/dr-roger-jahnka-full-interview/. There visitors will also find a multitude of information on the practice and the phenomenon, resources and Amazon links to two of Roger Jahnke's recent books.

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