Introducing EventGrid: A Remarkably Effective Event Marketing and Ticketing Platform

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Giving event marketers the ability to combine online ticket registration, manage customized event pages within a single platform, sell tickets (both digital , text/SMS, and print at home versions), collect payments via credit card or PayPal, and integrate their event websites and landing pages with their existing CRM, social media, and email marketing programs.

EventGrid is the newest player on the event marketing software scene, and they aim to change the game. With all the desired components integrated into one platform that can also be tied into other popular customer relationship management systems and marketing platforms, the EventGrid suite of tools gives event and experiential marketers the ability to manage all the elements of their events from a single platform – including everything from the initial announcements and marketing campaigns, to registration and CRM, to follow-up messaging and analytics. Even better, EventGrid allows marketers to easily create personalized landing pages and websites complete with their own logos, colors, and other branding for each event they host via the platform. It's all right within the content management system - no coding or HTML skills required. It will also sync with SalesForce, various social media platforms, and popular email marketing services. Furthermore, thanks to detailed analytics and integration with popular platforms like Google Analytics, EventGrid tracks the complete ROI (return on investment) lifecycle of an event, from the initial ticket sales and awareness to the overall marketing and social media impact after the event is over.

Other unique expects of this ticketing platform include the ability for users to book travel (flights, hotels, trains, etc.) without leaving the environment, as well the opportunity for organizers to manage day-to-day aspects of actually running an event. EventGrid also features a truly unique seating chart creation tool, which allows for ticket layouts to be customized and configured for any venue, from a major stadium to conference facility to a local theater – and everything in between.

EventGrid also integrates Passbook and Apple's iBeacons. An extension of the new geofencing capability, this allows for a previously downloaded pass, ticket, or loyalty card to show up on the lock screen when the user crosses the threshold of an already defined GPS location - so marketers can target "micro-locations", which in some cases require that users be in the presence of an iBeacon in order to validate their Passbook entries. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), iBeacons are simply small wireless sensors that transmit data to iPhones and other iOS devices, which can be placed anywhere, even indoors and/or on moving targets. They can then transmit location-based notifications such as customized mobile versions of event tickets, coupons, or other relevant information to guests at a relatively low cost as soon as they enter and/or exit a given venue - it is the ultimate in contextual targeting for event marketing professionals.

What's more, EventGrid offers a transparent pricing system that provides a remarkably simple contrast to the complex fee structures utilized by competing event marketing software options. There's a 2% online ticketing fee, and a 2.9% plus $0.30 credit card processing fee (or users can opt for PayPal instead). That's it - no tiered or volume-based pricing. With EventGrid pricing, what you see is what you get - taking much of the mystery and confusion out of the budgeting process for EventGrid users.

The brainchild of two experienced engineers who realized how almost everyone dislikes Ticketmaster and other ticket selling services that have hidden costs and other inconvenient aspects for both consumers and marketers, as well as astronomical fees and generally poor customer service. In fact, most users basically just tolerate overpriced event management services because there really aren’t any other options. It was this consumer dissatisfaction that led to software developers and entrepreneurs Nirah Shah and Eric Popivker to create EventGrid, a new style of event management software."Our goal was to streamline the process of creating event websites and landing pages, including user registration, marketing tools, and integration with other essential software programs that event marketers and ticketing professionals already use".

These two engineers turned entrepreneurs with years of experience working with start-ups who decided to take the plunge on their own project idea with EventGrid, this software was created by a team comprised of developers and designers from all over the world who wanted to strike out on their own and build something unique that would make a difference for both marketers and consumers. Like many successful startup founders, “we weren’t cut out for the corporate world” says Niraj Shah. That said, the corporate realm’s loss is the event marketing vertical’s gain with EventGrid.

EventGrid was created for one simple reason - the fact that the EventGrid founders were looking for a flexible way to manage event registration, marketing, payments, and promotions online, particularly via mobile and tablet. Since Niraj and Eric couldn’t find anything that fit their needs, they decided to create their own tools that empower event managers to control every aspect of their event digitally, from start to finish – in a beautifully intuitive, branded environment that covers every element from the initial promotion to ticket and travel registration to real-time management to follow-up promotions. After all, a successful event is about more than just mere attendance numbers – it is about beginning, continuing, and maintaining an ongoing conversation with current and future customers – and that’s what event management through EventGrid is all about.

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