Prestige: the only completely invisible modular system - Quadrant2Design explain why their invisible Exhibition Stand System is better than others

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Exhibition Stand suppliers, Quadrant2Design, devise a new theory as to why an invisible Exhibition System is so good.

Quadrant2Design's client HK Wentworth at Paperworld 2014

We don’t need to worry about splitting our client’s logo across two panels, or trying to fit it within a small one, so we are able to focus our attention on getting the graphics as precise and as striking as possible.

'It’s quite difficult to tell when an exhibition stand has been built using Prestige, because the system is completely invisible'.

Exhibition stand supplier, Quadrant2Design are the sole UK distributor of the unique Prestige Events System. They have devised a new theory as to why the Prestige System is so good.

Prestige uses magnetic clips, built-in showcase space and panoramic images to completely hide the aluminium framework with which it is constructed. This means no feet, metal, clips or wires can be seen; the only thing visible is the exhibitor's brand, products, and representatives.

Quadrant2Design have announced that Prestige is dedicated to its user getting 100% of their exhibition seen with 0% of the system interrupting their message. What this means for the exhibitor is that they only need to think about branding, text, and images that fit within the stand space, not within the individual frameworks that make up that space.

This bodes well for aspiring exhibitors as they can be sure that their branding will be 100% visible at all times. Prestige incorporates flowing, panoramic graphics to maximise the visibility and impact of its users branding.

Chloe Anderton, Sales Director at Quadrant2Design, says, 'For example, let’s say the exhibitors brand is about swimming equipment and pool technology, and the main image is a swimmer mid-stroke. If a generic modular system was being used that was 3m high by 3m wide, the systems’ limitations would restrict you to three individual frames, each 1m wide. There are now two options. The first is potentially disastrous to the branding. The exhibitor can retain the single image and split it across those three frames, and take the risk of having your main image look like it was taken by an amateur standing behind some scaffolding, or the second is to completely change the imagery to fit the frames, perhaps with three swimmers standing up, one in each frame. Neither is ideal, and neither will have much of an effect on passers-by.'

Chloe continues, 'This is where our Prestige solution and its invisibility comes to the fore. Prestige’s panoramic imagery means that the swimming image could be easily stretched across that entire space, 3m high and 3m wide, without a single thing splitting that image into smaller pieces. Imagine that in an exhibition hall, and suddenly the invisibility of Prestige is having a significant effect on the visibility of the brand. Getting seen is the first stage to attracting any customer and, if you are looking for a striking image, Prestige is, by far, the best modular solution for doing this.'

Prestige is invisible because of its aluminium framework. It expands into panels of differing sizes, at which point magnetic strips are attached to its extremities. Graphics are then stuck to the other side of these strips, which means that no visible metal is ever part of a Prestige stand.

Andrew Carney, Sales Director at Quadrant2Design, comments, 'Obviously there are other solutions, namely the custom-build. However, if we’re talking about the maths of feasibility, these stands can only be used once. The day your show ends, so does your stand’s use. This is not the case with Prestige. Its modularity makes it completely adaptable and flexible and an exhibitor could easily continue building new and different sized stands with the same equipment for years to come. This essentially takes away the cost of new stands, while also subsidising the cost of the initial one. The money-saving element to Prestige is so obvious, you’d wonder why everyone doesn’t use it.

'You want people to be blown away by your stand, and Prestige is one of the safest and most cost-efficient ways of doing that.'

The re-usability and scalability of Prestige is in part down to the simplicity of the stand equipment. The expanding aluminium frames clip together very easily and very quickly. This gives exhibitors the added benefit of building a stand at an accelerated rate without the need for hiring extra help; the people manning the stand are able to do it if they want to.

Prestige is a system that is always re-usable, always invisible, and always scalable, but with the look and feel of a custom-built stand. The exhibitors branding will always be prioritised thanks to Prestige’s minor visual limitations and Quadrant2Design's clients can be sure that their solution strikes the perfect balance between price and quality.

Andrew explains his ideas further, 'At Quadrant2Design, we’re doing everything we can to facilitate the very best exhibition stand for our client. For me, there is no better way of doing this than with a system that is invisible. We don’t need to worry about splitting our client’s logo across two panels, or trying to fit it within a small one, so we are able to focus our attention on getting the graphics as precise and as striking as possible.'

If you’d like to find out more about Quadrant2Design visit:

All Exhibition Stand proposals are free of charge, you can contact the Design Team on 01202 650 333 or email designteam(at)quadrant2design(dot)com.

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