Citiquiet Now In Partnership With Home Depot To Bring Soundproof Windows To NYC

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Citiquiet, the nation’s leading designer of soundproof and energy efficient window systems, is now partnering with Home Depot to bring quiet to the lives and homes of America.

Citiquiet, the nation’s leading designer of soundproof and energy efficient window systems, is now partnering with Home Depot to bring quiet to the lives and homes of America. As one of the country’s favorite home improvement stores, Home Depot is the ultimate one-stop shop for homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces and add value to their property. As soundproofing solutions become more and more in demand, smart homeowners are putting soundproof windows at the top of their to-do list.

While some soundproof solutions may not be aesthetically pleasing, Citiquiet’s windows are attractive enough to be used in even landmark buildings with no prior approval required. The benefits of opting for soundproof window systems have to be seen to be believed, and residents of New York City can now stop by their local Home Depot to see a full, working model of Citiquiet’s soundproof windows. Shoppers can also learn more about the installation process, energy efficient benefit and how adding soundproofing solutions to your home can increase the value of your property.

As American cities continue to grow, so do the noise levels. Though previously this was thought to simply just be a fact of life while living in an urban environment, soundproofing can help to make a home an oasis of calm even in the noisiest of towns. Soundproof windows can eliminate up to 95% of outside noise inside the home, and offer a simple and economical solution to most noise problems. Areas of the home that get the maximum benefit from soundproofing solutions are:

Home Offices
More Americans are working from home than in previous decades, and many people regularly take work home with them. A quiet space is essential for success, particularly for concentrating on projects, making client phone calls or even just completing simple daily tasks. Soundproofing solutions can help to create a perfect home office environment, which can be a huge selling point for any home. Additionally, soundproof windows also offer greater privacy for home businesses, particularly for preventing confidential discussions from being overheard by nosey neighbors.

Nurseries & Children’s Rooms
Most parents know that a good night’s sleep and uninterrupted naps are essential for a child’s growth and development, but city traffic often doesn’t cooperate. Citiquiet’s soundproofing solutions can help to create a beautifully quiet oasis in the middle of even the busiest of cities. Improving children’s rooms this way can ensure a lifetime of uninterrupted sleep, as well as increase the value of your home in the eyes of homebuyers with children.

Living Rooms
In today’s economy, more people are relying on home entertainment than ever before. While soundproofing living rooms can help to increase the enjoyment of high-end sound systems and entertainment centers, it can also prevent noise leakage which may result in poor neighbor relationships. An added bonus is that Citiquiet’s soundproof windows are also energy efficient, keeping both electrical equipment and residents at optimal temperatures.

Shift workers, international travelers and on-call staff such as doctors will feel the benefit of having soundproof windows installed in their bedrooms. As these people must grab sleep when they can, oftentimes this is not limited to the quieter evening hours. Those who work regular hours can benefit too, as Citiquiet’s soundproof solutions can ensure that all-important 8 hours of sleep.

As home improvement lists grow, more homeowners are realizing the importance of installing soundproof and energy efficient windows in their homes as a priority. Not only can it create a calm environment in the house, it can add huge value to the property in the eyes of potential home buyers or renters. Visit Citiquiet’s soundproof window display in New York City area Home Depots for a full demonstration, or visit their site online at for a quote and expert installation advice.

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