Rave Reviews Roll In For Infofree.com’s New Customer Relationship Management Program, CRM101®

Subscribers are ecstatic about the newest feature to be offered for free by infofree.com.

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CRM101® logo

Infofree.com's new customer relationship management program, CRM101®.

This is exactly what I was hoping for in a CRM.

Omaha, Ne (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

The premier provider of sales leads, mailing lists and email marketing is pleased to announce that its newest feature, CRM101, is a hit with subscribers across the nation. Subscribers can now search for leads and save their lists to CRM101. The program is free to all subscribers and allows for easy management of prospects and customers.

“CRM101 is easy to use,” said Marcus Bowman, a sales representative in Toledo, Ohio, “this is exactly what I was hoping for in a CRM.”

For no extra charge subscribers can use CRM101 to:

  •     Save prospects and customers to CRM101
  •     Easily categorize prospects as cold, warm and hot leads
  •     See prospects and customers on a map

Soon CRM101 users will also be able to upload their own customer files, clone their best customers and receive alerts notifying when a customer buys a home, gets married or has a child.

Infofree.com specializes in lead generation for small business owners and sales professionals at a low cost of $49.94 per month. Infofree.com is also a source for unlimited background searches and unlimited business credit reports. With the launch of CRM101, infofree.com continues to advance as the industry leader in sales productivity tools.

To learn more about Infofree.com and CRM101 visit http://www.infofree.com or call 877-448-0101.