Guardtime Announces GuardView ANS – a Big Data Security Service for Telecommunications Companies & Mobile Carriers

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GuardView ANS is an Attributed Networking Service integrating Guardtime’s GuardView SOC with GuardVision, Guardtime’s Big Data mining and analysis/reporting platform. Together, these solutions deliver global Telecommunications, ICT & OTT companies essential data-level integrity instrumentation, and collection at the exabyte scale for portable intelligence collection and forensically auditable analysis.

Guardtime announces GuardView ANS and GuardVision - the Attributed Networking Solution, which assures trusted network operations visibility, reporting, utilizing the portability of Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) integrity evidence. These combined solutions provide real-time integrity visibility into network operations, critical object repositories, M2M and SDN interactions. GuardVision provides visualization and correlation toolsets for all associated interactions, advanced data mining and scheduling, and alert notification for incident response to prevent losses.

Before Guardtime ANS and GuardVision, it was impossible to validate the integrity of network operations without trusting service provider reporting systems. With the portability of integrity evidence that KSI affords, Guardtime ANS and GuardVision delivers the only solution to detect, report, and respond to KSI intelligence for responding to security breaches across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

GuardView ANS and GuardVision allows Telecommunication companies & OTT companies the ability to manage the crushing weight of Big Data with deep understanding and context into Velocity, Variety, Volume, and Veracity. To support the 4Vs, GuardView ANS and GuardVision provide the instrumentation and reporting for your 4 key practice areas: Systems Automation, Business Intelligence, Cloud Orchestration and Data Assurance.

Deployment of GuardView ANS and GuardVision into enterprise networks, data centers, and cloud service providers ensures trusted visibility into network operations to include: critical M2M interactions, security layer and API service layer integrity, SDN integrity, and the validity of content deliveries to include complete chain of custody traceability of any brokered/migrated digital assets.

GuardView ANS and GuardVision protects organizations’ most precious commodities – their Intellectual Property (often hosted in an outsourced provider). Trusting outsourced repositories, applications, and security controls is now possible at scale with advanced Big Data analytics, correlation, and reporting. Leveraging Guardtime’s Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSITM), GuardView’s ANS allows organizations to trust, verify, analyze and subsequently control previously opaque outsourced enterprise operations.

Matt Johnson, CTO of Guardtime said, “Until KSI, trust was a myth and insiders could hide their tracks. To bring back truth to all network interactions and digital assets, we have developed the GuardView ANS to instrument important network assets from the inside out. Combined with GuardVision, complete accountability into outsourced operations can be realized, risk assessed, and contracts guaranteed.”

“GuardView ANS is the guarantee to protect your most precious commodity – your Intellectual Property.” Matt Johnson continued, “Real-time integrity validation afforded by Guardview ANS and KSI technology means real-time detection and response to APTs, malicious insiders, and corrupt practices.”

GuardView ANS and GuardVision can achieve true real-time Data Loss Prevention and protection, while qualifying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee the integrity of delivered assets.

About Guardtime

Guardtime brings transparency and accountability to digital society. Founded in 2007, Guardtime invented Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) - a technology that allows any type of electronic activity to be independently verified using only formal mathematical methods, without the need for trusted administrators or cryptographic keys. Deployed by world governments, KSI provides real-time validation and an independent audit trail for everything that happens in digital society, limiting liability and making it impossible for insiders or sophisticated cyber attackers to manipulate data and cover their tracks. Read more at

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