Fitness Startup Delivers a 'Virtual Knockout' on Kickstarter

Virtual KnockOut™ transforms from mobile boxing game to realistic, full impact boxing trainer.

Hartland, WI (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

Rhythm games turned us into wannabe dance stars and guitar heroes. Now one fitness startup is betting that it will make us champions in the boxing ring as well. Virtual KnockOut™ is a new mobile boxing game that puts you in the gym with a 3D virtual focus mitt trainer. You jab, cross and duck your way through each round as the speed and intensity increases, but this is more than just a handheld mobile game. Mount your device to their Bluetooth enabled training system and go from finger tapping to a realistic, full impact workout in a matter of seconds. No more paying a trainer to hold those focus mitts. The system features spring loaded targets with accelerometers built in that score you on both power and accuracy.

"The days of boring workouts are over," says Pete Gustin, founder and CEO. "With mobile technology, manufacturers can deliver arcade quality experiences at incredibly affordable prices," he adds. And take it from someone who knows a thing or two about what consumers want. Gustin's first product launch, KnockOut Abs®, was an as-seen-on-tv hit with over 70,000 units sold in 30 countries.

Using funds raised on Kickstarter, the company plans to complete both the iOS and Android versions of the game, get FCC certifications, finalize molds and start production. Early backers can get a download of the handheld version of the game for $5 and equipment prices start as low as $299 in the limited presale. For more information, visit the campaign at