24/7 Van Lines Introducing New Windshield Displays to Fleet of Rigs in the Bay Area

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24/7 Van Lines are beginning to systematically introduce new technologically advanced windshield displays that are capable of sensing weather conditions and helping the driver find his way through bad weather situations.

Bay Area Moving Company

Bay Area Moving Company

24/7 Van Lines have been funding research in order to discover where and when accidents occur most frequently. Not surprisingly, these accidents occur most often due to driver miscalculations during distracting weather conditions. These conditions can be as simple as nightfall, and as complicated as thunder and lightning storms. Therefore, 24/7 Van Lines are slowly rolling out new technology that will update its fleet of rigs with windshield displays that have built-in sensors, and are the only Bay area moving company to do so.

These sensors will be multifunctional in purpose. For instance, if the windshield detects rain droplets, it will automatically turn on windshield wipers to an appropriate setting while also switching on lights. Automatic lighting will help forgetful drivers avoid being needlessly pulled over by law enforcement, which costs the company time and money and results in angry clients who were expecting a faster transport.

In addition, the windshield sensors are also capable of detecting glare, and use new glass technology in order to negate it. This will prevent drivers from using sun visors which can sometimes hamper visual acuity or peripheral sight. When night falls, the rig knows. New technologies allow the rig to use a complicated set of sensors and cameras in order to sense the landscape ahead. During rain, night, or other sight-impairing weather conditions, an outline of the road will pair with the windshield display, making it much easier for the driver to see where he is going.

Going in reverse is less of an issue as well, as new cameras will allow the driver to see anything behind the rig without a blind spot and without the use of mirrors. One truck driver, Daniel Reyes, got to test drive one of these newly updated rigs. "I can't imagine having fun driving after so many years on the job, but these new advancements have made it a lot easier. During bad weather, drivers aren't allowed to listen to music or do anything that might distract from the job. With this new display, we'll be able to drive without the stress weather sometimes causes."

More information on the new rigs can be found by visiting 24/7 Van Lines online and the regularly updated blog will soon take readers on an in-depth, detailed look purely from the driver's perspective. This technology is first being rolled out in the Bay area, making 24/7 Van Lines the most sophisticated Bay Area moving company. Video will soon be available in the gallery section, with more testimonials and employee comments.

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