Unofficial Online Guide to Steve Pavlina Relaunched to Better Connect with His Fans

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A website devoted to the well-known personal development guru Steve Pavlina has been given an update and expanded to cover additional topics.

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Steve Pavlina is a controversial figure who can inspire a great range of emotions in those familiar with his work. This unofficial guide to the man and his teachings and theories aims to be an impartial resource for those interested in him and who would like to learn more about his methods and approach to life.

The website contains a number of sections, covering all the facets of Pavlina’s work. These sections include the core tenets of Pavlina’s views and thoughts on such topics as polyphasic sleep, raw food, polyamory, and the vast subject of personal development.     

This newly refreshed online guide is aimed at those new to Steve and his theories. However, those already familiar with some of his concepts, but are interested in knowing more about the other facets of his work are also part of the target audience. “When we were creating the outline for the site, we decided it would be best to provide a general outline of the fields Steve has been involved in, as well as drilling down into the more specific details” the website’s creator explained. “As Steve has been so prolific in a number of popular areas, such as diet, sleeping, and relationships, to name but a few, we felt it was important to provide information on all of them” he continued.

As part of the recent refresh and update of the site, a number of new sections were added in an attempt to make the content even more comprehensive to those wanting to know more about Pavlina. One of those new additions to the site was the unofficial guide to Erin Pavlina. The guide to Erin highlights her history as an ex-wife of Steve and her current work as a physic and her experiences with astral projection.

Another prominent figure who is now also profiled on the site alongside Steve and Erin is Rachelle Fordyce. Rachelle Fordyce’s journey from call center worker to becoming an all-round creative force, through to her relationship with Pavlina is covered on her profile on the site. “We wanted to feature some of the most important people in Steve’s life and those who have helped shape his development over the years” the content manager at the website claimed. “It just so happens that the two people who most closely fit into this category are women Steve has been in a relationship with” he continued.

As well as providing information about the main himself, the website also provides some guidance to those who want to put into practice some of his methods. One example is the website’s page on polyphasic sleep. Steve’s approach to polyphasic sleep is to sleep six times per day, with each session only lasting 20 to 30 minutes, based on the Uberman sleeping pattern. The decision to add this overview to the site was inspired by the number of people arriving at the site seeking more information on this topic. “When we checked our visitor data at the website, we noticed a lot of people where typing queries into their search engines about this type of sleeping pattern” the website’s content creator explained. “Some of those visitors weren’t necessarily familiar with Steve, but wanted to know more about polyphasic sleep. This led us to creating and publishing this guide for those seeking more information” he revealed.

In additional to the section of polyphasic sleep, the website now contains an overview of Pavlina’s approach to raw food. The website reveals that Steve first took a serious look at raw food-only diets as part of one of his popular 30-day trials. The website’s content gives practical advice to help those thinking about adopting a raw food-only diet, as well as providing information on Steve’s take on this kind of eating regimen and the insights he has gained from his experiences.

From talking to the team behind the website, it seems they all share a genuine passion and deep interest in the work of Pavlina. Everyone working on the project is interested in different aspects of his theories, and together they combine to make a single comprehensive unit. With more and more people becoming aware of the man and his teachings, it seems like the website will continue to grow in terms of scope and readership.

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