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Private Investigators UK give information newly opened IT Department founded in response to recent BBC News article dated 30 January 2014 Rare Twitter User Name ‘Stolen’

As Private Investigators we have dealt with similar cases of theft since opening our new IT department.

According to the BBC News article dated 30th January 2014 “Rare Twitter Username ‘Stolen,’” Naoki Hiroshima the owner of the Twitter username @N claims it has been stolen from him by a hacker. The software developer has had the rare Twitter name @N since 2007. In a blog post, Naoki revealed that he had been offered $50,000 to sell the name, and also that there have been past attempts made to steal it. However, this time other online accounts of his have been compromised by a hacker. Mr Hiroshima explained that the hacker gained access to his domain name registration service and changed the account settings to gain access to his personal email. In an email, the hacker told Mr Hiroshima that he had access to his PayPal by posing as an employee. The hacker told Mr Hiroshima that he used "some very simple engineering tactics to obtain the last four [digits] of your card."

As a direct result of this article Private Investigators UK ( put together a plan for the formation of an IT department to help prevent this type of crime or to assist those who have been affected by it. IT crime has been skyrocketing in the past decade or so, with large companies being the targets at first. But, now, individual users have also become victims of hackers and virtual criminals. Even those users who are tech-savvy are not safe from intruders, let alone those who just surf the internet for fun or school work. Computers are terribly exposed and unprotected and change is needed to rectify this problem. IT experts at Private Investigators UK are skilled in computer security, spyware removal, tracking down the source of hacker attacks amongst other things, and this department provides valuable advice, software and knowledge that will prepare users for online endeavours, business or otherwise. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any kind of online account that is considered valuable and private and should have protection, as someone might be looking to steal it. Electronic bank accounts are especially interesting to virtual criminals, so before going online without a care in the world contact Private Investigators UK for advice and help with security.

Chief investigator at Private Investigators UK, Christie Moore, is familiar with cases like the one described in the BBC News article and said, “As Private Investigators we have dealt with similar cases of theft since opening our new IT department.”

Christie goes on to say that, “Protecting your online accounts is just as important as locking your doors and installing security in your home, especially if you live in a dangerous neighbourhood. This is a fact that most people tend to neglect. Private Investigators UK recommends you give us a call so together we can decide on the best course of action for you.”

For more information about our new IT department or if you would like to contact Chief Investigator Christie Moore please call 020 3633 2476 or email c.moore(at)private-investigators-uk(dot)com or visit our offices at Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE.

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