Slip Safety Urges Businesses to Go Beyond Car Park Line Marking to Improve Safety

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Slip Safety recommends that businesses don’t just rely on car park line markings to make things safe in large parking lots. The increase in minor accidents are often attributed to disappearing line markings.

Safety has become one of the biggest concerns in Australia today. Government agencies despite now further emphasizing the fact that public spaces need to have clear car park line markings are at the same time not pushing for added ways to make these parking lots safer. Over the past couple of years the added number of vehicles on the road which end up in parking lots around grocery stores, hospitals and schools mean that the number of minor accidents often resulting in scratches, bumps and bruises are on the rise. According to slip safety it is important to think beyond just having car park lines and look at other safety measures like signs and bollards.

One way to decrease the number of accidents is by using bollards in conjunction with clearly marked parking lines. Bollards are a great way to direct traffic to a designated area or completely prevent access around pedestrian areas i.e. like gates, pedestrian crossing, walkways, private car parks, and doorways. While the use of these are not emphasized by the safety department as a business you may want to invest in these in order to reduce the chances of ram raids as well as theft. That said bollards are not just a way to physically prevent but also work as a visual indicator for drivers. Slip Safety has an array of standard bollards as well as customized bollards with custom thickness, height, color, style and length.

Many experts also point out that pedestrian areas and parking spaces for the disabled should have signs which clearly show the intent of these areas. Often times when car park line markings wear off it are these signs that can help drivers figure out where to go next and where they can park. It also reduces honest mistakes which end up costing some people their lives. Some leading experts on traffic safety suggest that reflectors should be lined across pedestrian walkways so that they are clearly visible by drivers especially on foggy days.

“Making public places safe needs to be a twofold approach. The first needs to be obviously marking spaces. Then a safety expert should ensure that the space is properly visible by everyone, every effort should be made to ensure that the space is properly visible, because if not then it’s just a hazard,” according to one safety expert. The general public also agrees that more needs to be done especially by businesses to make their public spaces more secure. This is where businesses like Slip Safety can provide an array of safety suggestions mainly based on their years of industry experience.

Business owners who want to consult with Slip Safety or need a quote for a specific marking project or safety project should start by visiting their website: The website also has a lot more information on other safety procedures from which businesses can choose from and add to their marking project in order to further make their spaces safer.

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