A New Website http://www.ThotCot.net Claims Solution to Riemann Hypothesis Following Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence

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On March 17, 2014 Thought Cot Inc. launched its website to announce the results of a three-year research and development project. The knowledgebase makes a number of incredible claims including to have discovered a solution to the Riemann Hypothesis following a breakthrough in artificial intelligence (A.I.).

I am excited that for once there will finally be something in this world that everyone can believe in. That is what it is all about, beliefs. Contradictions are just a means to that end.

Thought Cot announces the release of http://www.ThotCot.net which boasts solutions to some difficult problems following a self-proclaimed breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. The website publishes the same "open source" software which it says was used to carry out the research leading up to its explanation for the Riemann Hypothesis.

The research and software development was conducted below the radar over the course of three years to increase the chances that Thought Cot’s software platform would receive rapid popular support following its debut. According the company’s founder, 37 year old Brian Piere, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a single individual to claim responsibility for any of the discoveries because of the way that the collaboration was carried out. Local copies of the software / database were distributed to a handful of people who were then invited to participate under a new architecture for teamwork.

To understand why Thought Cot focused its effort upon the Riemann Hypothesis it is necessary to recognize the impact that such enlightenment could bring. The book Music of the Primes describes, "... it is a problem which is central to the whole of mathematics." Author Marcus Du Sautoy goes onto explain, "Number theory, geometry, analysis, logic, probability theory, quantum physics -- all have been drawn together in our search for the Riemann Hypothesis.... We marvel at its extraordinary interconnectedness: mathematics has gone from a subject of patterns to a subject of connections."

In early 2011 Thought Cot’s founder and software architect, Brian Piere, discovered, what he describes as the "intelligence protocol", on course to develop an A.I. image recognition routine for Smart Phones. The insight was so profound that it led him to quit his internet company before developing an abstract software platform centered on "perpetual mistake avoidance". Brian suggests that everyone should think of this behavior as if it were a dictionary. For example, all entries are defined with words, each of which must be defined in the same manner. He goes on to explain: "It’s like the Sqrt(2), Pi, or the Mandelbrot equation; a breakout-parameter must be used to halt the recursion. The observer thinks to themselves, ‘I can’t afford to chase my tail any further because I understand the definition(s) well enough now’. In other words, the system garners trust from recursion instead of proof."

Brian has been coding since he was a young boy, however he never finished college and he certainly doesn’t claim to be a mathematician or a physicist. He went on record saying, "When I left my internet company to pursue A.I. around the clock it was important for me to remain focused on my expertise. I had never heard of the Riemann Hypothesis or partial-reflection. I had the great fortune of accumulating contradictions from some true geniuses, in their respective fields. The nature of wisdom was eloquently described by Thomas Edison as recording all of the ways NOT to build a light bulb. The high-light of my career was taking a step back from the collection of NOT’s to see the needle being threaded through a grand theory which, so far, nobody has been able to contradict."

Thought Cot explains that its collection {knowledge + software} is a unified concept, it is simultaneously owned by everyone and nobody. The website http://www.ThotCot.net was founded as the vehicle to distribute its "open source" applications and a complimentary knowledgebase. Because the project has been designed to evolve within everybody’s self-interest (i.e. anti-mistakes), it becomes possible to publish the FTP UserName and Password without fear of reprisal. The software is meant to be used offline within local collaboration endeavors. Brian summarizes the purpose of the knowledgebase, "I am excited that for once there will finally be something in this world that everyone can believe in. That is what it is all about, beliefs. Contradictions are just a means to that end."

By Paula de Assisi

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