Legal Marketing: Putting Landing Pages To Good Use

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For law firms, a landing page has many uses that go beyond simply providing information to visitors. Legal Marketing Advantage has put together tips focused on how law firms can use these web pages to widen the scope of their marketing and increase conversions.

Landing pages are the utility player of the legal marketing world

Bare bones just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the modern world, law firms need content dedicated to every possible sector of the client experience so that they can impress upon visitors the validity of their skills.

That’s where a landing page comes in. Landing pages can be set up to receive visitors looking for specific topics, and their careful development can be a boon to attorneys, especially those who oversee a number of different practice areas.

Legal Marketing Advantage, a fast-growing internet marketing outfit headed up by SEO expert Javier Corona, has worked diligently to provide law firms with the resources they need to acquire new clients. In doing, LMA has discovered some of the best ways to use landing pages to drive conversions. Mr. Corona understands perhaps better than anyone the ways that a series of carefully crafted landing pages can be put to good use.

“Landing pages are the utility player of the legal marketing world,” said Mr. Corona. “They’re just as valuable for a PPC campaign as they are for television ads. What law firms need to do is figure out the precise way to deploy them in a successful manner. We try to show each of our clients how one single landing page actually has multiple uses, and each of these need to be exploited to the utmost degree.”

With that in mind, Legal Marketing Advantage has put together tips that law firms can use to gain new clients through landing pages:

•PPC- If a law firm is going to be advertising on the internet, they do themselves a disservice if every single Pay Per Click ad shuttles a visitor only to the homepage. Instead, LMA encourages law firms to experiment with ad copy and link back to a variety of practice area landing pages, each set up to receive clients interested in a different facet of the law. In this way, visitors receive unique messages that provide a greater opportunity for client conversion.

•SEO Possibilities- A law firm can’t hope to rank for applicable keyword phrases if they don’t have sufficient content to fill out their site. Landing pages provide a natural means of producing content centered around keywords that matter to a firm. LMA advises letting landing pages act as gateways for clients setting out on a more detailed exploration of a practice. In this way, every conceivable topic is covered but a domain never becomes saturated with overwrought content.

•Television Ads- Landing pages offer a unique opportunity to engage in cross-channel marketing. A series of commercials will be more effective if each ad provides a specific landing page onscreen that the viewer can latch onto. Much like a PPC ad, this ensures that highly interested parties will be able to interact immediately with content geared specifically toward their legal quandary. Plus, presenting a unified message helps to develop brand voice.

•Social Media Conversations- Landing pages can be deployed to improve organic and paid social media output. Law firms are encouraged to discuss and link to their latest landing pages on social platforms, provided communications don’t come across as an overt sales pitch. And by listening in on social conversations, law firms can use Sponsored Posts to shuttle targeted demographics directly to a landing page tailored specifically to their interests.

•Retargeting- When a prospective client gets away, landing pages offer a means of baiting the hook anew. LMA encourages the use of Retargeting to ensure that a law firm’s ads continue to appear in front of an interested party, and when that person decides to click the link, a carefully thought-out landing page can spark a renewed interest in hiring legal representation.

“If you’re willing to give the numerous functions of landing pages a try,” said Mr. Corona, “then your law firm may be surprised by how many different clients suddenly come knocking at the door.”

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