New Acrylic Piano Designed by in Association with Blüthner Piano Company

New Joint Venture between and Blüthner Piano Company

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Lucid iDyllic

Malaga, Spain - Leipzig, Germany (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

In January of this year Lucid Piano Company based in Malaga, Spain entered into a design joint venture agreement with the famous German piano company Blüthner, working together so as to manufacture its line of transparent and semi transparent pianos. This partnership with Blüthner not only allows us to dramatically increase production, so as to meet growing demand for our Lucid Piano line, but also increases the quality of the product through the implementation of Blüthner’s unique and superb quality standards and famous singing tone. It is this unique tone that led the famous composer Tchaikovsky once to exclaim: “Blüthner is the perfection of sound.” It is also the reason that so many royals, composers, and artists such as Emperor Franz Joseph 1, Johannes Brahms and Richard Wagner have chosen Blüthner pianos above all others.

Now our Lucid Pianos have identical performance characteristics as a traditional Blüthner Piano. The use of acrylic rather then wood provides stability against humidity and brings the piano into the 21st. century with a futuristic look.

This, coupled with the company’s attention to detail, will allow us to craft exceptional instruments that carry the name of a brand that has perfected the production process during its 160 years of existence. Blüthner belongs to the prestigious Bund Deutscher Klavierbauer E.V. association. Blüthner’s membership to this association guarantees the buyer production quality and product authenticity.

The first Lucid Piano design produced by Blüthner made its debut last week at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt where it awed show visitors and piano dealers alike.

The unique Blüthner sound of our Lucid Piano line coupled with our newly aesthetically pleasing designs will bring much joy to any room.

For more information please contact Bill Marquez at bill(at)lucidpianos(dot)com or visit us at