Freedom Climber Announces Their Rotating Climbing Wall Now Doubles As Functional Training Station

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Fitness enthusiasts looking for a new and challenging workout can now climb, do vertical, suspension, and resistance training all at one station

rotation caused by action of climbing, system is non-motorized

"Our objective from the start was to provide safe, fun, dynamic climbing in as small a space as possible" Terry McCall, inventor of the Freedom Climber

The Freedom Climber is an innovative rotating climbing wall that provides all the benefits of climbing in a safe and fun environment. It is the climber’s weight and action of climbing that causes the rotation. A non-motorized mechanism controls the rotational speed. As the climber climbs upward, the rotating surface rotates downward nullifying the climber’s ascent. The climber is going through the motions of climbing up but the downward rotation continually brings the climber back down to a safe proximity with the floor; thus no need for harnesses and ropes; and thus the name Freedom Climber.

Climbing has been steadily growing in popularity. Besides being fun it is recognized by many as one of the great whole body workouts. Terry McCall, who invented the Freedom Climber, notes, “That most climbing in climbing gyms is rather deliberate and slow as climbers work on technical moves which are essential for climbers. But our rotating climbing wall is meant to be a place where you just climb continuously. There is no stopping and looking around for the next move because when you stop climbing the surface stops rotating. So as you climb continuously it becomes a dynamic event that engages your whole body from your fingers to your toes and from your mind to your core.”

The Freedom Climber is mounted to a wall and has a remarkably small footprint, extending out from the wall surface just 8 inches. The space saving design allows for the Freedom Climber to be installed anywhere there are at least 8 foot ceilings. “Our objective from the start”, the inventor says, “was to provide safe, fun, dynamic climbing in as small a space as possible. Then we realized by adding a few connecting points and configuring our climbing holds a particular way, our rotating climbing wall could become a workout station that allows for vertical training, suspension training, and resistance training.” The Freedom Climber has been installed in fitness centers and homes, as well as military bases and universities.

On a recent trip to China, McCall trained 34 personal trainers on how to use the Freedom Climber with their clients and how to supplement the rotational climbing with the three trainings mentioned above. He realized that around the world many individuals are committed to a lifetime of fitness and are looking for variety and new challenges when it comes to fitness experiences. McCall believes their rotating climbing wall, utilized as a unique functional training center that includes CLIMBING, meets that desire. The Freedom Climber is comparable in price to a commercial grade treadmill.

Videos of the Freedom Climber can be viewed on their website at

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