I’m A Bear: A Charming Shaggy-Dog Story Seen Through the Eyes of a Fun-Loving Golden Doodle

Bear is a dog, a Golden Doodle, a wonderful, loving, bundle of energy that came into this world with a Golden Retriever for a Mom and a Standard French Poodle for a Dad. But he’s convinced he’s really a bear because that’s what everyone calls him. He was born in November 2012 near the tiny community of Alma, just north of Kitchener-Waterloo, in southern Ontario. For recreation, Bear loves nothing more than a splash in the swimming hole, a game of catch or a wrestle with his human Dad, Don Ranney, plus the old standbys of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dining on any kind of stick he can find.

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(PRWEB) March 20, 2014

Bear has loads of fun. When he was a puppy, he liked to chew on table legs, and also pee on the kitchen floor rather than do his business outside in the snow. But Bear is a fast learner – when he does go outside to pee in the snow, he not only gets a pat on the head for his efforts, but he also gets a lovely, edible treat from Don or Don’s lovely mate, Danielle Langlois.

You can read all about the adventures of Bear the Golden Doodle in a recently released, illustrated book entitled I’m A Bear. It’s a delightful autobiography, telling the fantastic story of Bear’s early life through the eyes of Bear and the words of Don Ranney. Adventures? Bear has had a few! Close calls? Yes, those, too. Joy and happiness? Bear has had that in spades, thanks to the love and care bestowed on him by Don and Danielle. I’m a Bear is simply the story of a very happy and lively dog, who just wants to make everybody happy and teach them to love all creatures.

This is a book for animal lovers of all ages. Kids – especially those lucky enough to have a pet of their own – will be enchanted. Adults – especially those who have grown up with a treasured household companion – will see, in Bear, the unmistakeable traits of their own pets. And they will see in Don and Danielle those particular, loving and humane qualities that most pet-lovers possess. It makes great bedtime reading.

I’m A Bear is, at once, very readable and very uplifting. It will strike a chord in your heart – and it will remind you once again of that incredible, emotional bond that so often exists between the human and animal worlds. A young Golden Doodle with the charming name of Bear will touch your heart and lift your spirit.

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Author Don Ranney, in addition to being Bear’s best buddy, is a true renaissance man. He graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto in 1958 and then became a medical officer with the British Special Air Services. He and his family spent time in India where he performed re-constructive surgery on leprosy victims. He later established the School of Anatomy at the University of Waterloo where he taught for 24 years. He established a jazz band in Kingston, Ontario and created the East Toronto Lacrosse League for youngsters. He obtained a diploma in TV production at the Banff Centre and served as team physician for a host of community and national sports teams, including the Canadian men’s softball team that won a Pan-American Games gold medal in 1983.

He has written more than 100 scientific medical papers and is a member of 15 professional organizations, including the Writers’ Union of Canada. When he’s not too busy, he’ll find time for roller-blading. As for skydiving, he gave that up a few years back!

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I’m A Bear: Autobiography of a Golden Doodle
as told to Don Ranney
ISBN: 9780992051419