Do You Know What Your Sitter, Nanny and Caregiver is Doing When You’re Not Home?

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Care 2 Check announces the Sitter Check In App, a missing component of the current sitter, nanny and caregiver online experience, currently marketed by Care.Com, Urban Sitter, Sitter City,

Sitter Check In, a patent pending, first ever real-time engagement and rating system for sitters, nannies and caregivers while they provide their service.

“The current state of the industry concerns itself with the before – hiring, pricing, etc. and the after – reviews. Sitter Check In is all about a sitter or caregiver while they’re in your home,” said Amy Manhart co-founder.

“As parents, we’re often made to feel over-protective, micro managers, nags, etc. if we want to check in with a sitter while they’re watching our children. It’s ironic, at our workplace, we wouldn’t hesitate checking on the status of a project with a colleague – but checking on our own children? Somehow there’s been a disconnect created on how we as parents feel we should interact with our caregivers.”

It takes less than one minute to set-up the Sitter Check In App to deliver a message(s) to a sitter, nanny or caregiver at a specific time and date. Users of the App will be able to enjoy their time out without having to watch the clock. The message(s) can include a pre-written customizable note requesting the caregiver to send either a text, picture, video or voice message about how things are going. Additionally there’s a designated area to enter reminders for medicines, bedtimes, etc. The Sitter Check In App will notify users of the exact time their message was opened by the caregiver and the location they opened it.

The App shows the time it takes for the caregiver to respond after they opened the message. If the users' message to the caregiver hasn’t been opened within a predetermined time period, the Sitter Check In user’s phone will notify them with a special ring tone.

“We’d all like to think we’ve done our best in vetting a sitter or caregiver - references, ratings, etc. But the simple truth is, there are over 18 million listings on Google under bad sitters, nannies and caregivers. No doubt, many of these folks had glowing recommendations or the parents probably wouldn’t have hired them to watch their loved ones. We also found it curious none of the articles on bad care mentioned the parents checking in.

“No matter how thorough we believe we’ve been in our search for a caregiver, there will always be room for additional safeguards. That is why we created the Sitter Check In App - to help parents and users make a more informed decision about care for their loved ones,” said Manhart.

Sitter Check In App includes the world's first patent pending Responsiveness Metric directed at the home caregiver market. The Sitter Check In App provides a rating of responsiveness to messages users send while caregivers watch their loved ones. The ratings are based on customizable parameters within the App. The information gathered from the Responsiveness Metric can be fed directly to a sitter, nanny or caregivers’ profile on various online sites.

The current state of the caregiver industry provides a limited number of measurable tools by which parents can determine a likely match for their family needs. Hours available, rates, ratings, background checks, car, CPR– the Sitter Check In App provides a unique missing ingredient, a real-time measurable Caregiver Responsiveness Metric.

The Sitter Check In App is currently in closed-door beta. Parents wishing to take part in the free Beta, need to go to and sign up with their email address. Ten Beta Testers will be receiving a free night of sitter, nanny or caregiver care for taking part.

About Care 2 Check/Sitter Check In:

Care 2 Check is an App Company engaged in new product development based on proprietary Intellectual Property for the Home Care Market. Care 2 Check principles were major contributors to a Popular Science Magazines “Best New Product,” and have developed new products for GE, Dell Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart and other major firms. Care 2 Check principles have sold a previous R&D firm to an NYSE listed company.

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