The New Frontier Of Customer Data: Tracking Physical Location By Phone Posted on StepenMag by First Class Posting

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There are those who greet every new development in customer data tracking with fear and animosity.

The following is a new post issued by StepenMag on behalf of First Class Posting. The following are excerpts:

“There are those who greet every new development in customer data tracking with fear and animosity. They might not exactly be luddites, perhaps they love their smartphone and their Xbox 360, but they simply don’t like the idea of marketers knowing quite so much about them. These fears may have some reasonable foundation, and we might hold a debate about whether or not we have a right to privacy, but the fact is that privacy has gone out the window. Companies have a pretty good idea about who you are and what you like, and they’re going to create, advertise and market accordingly,” said Amy Taylor with First Class Posting.

“The strongest long-term strategy for most businesses is simply to make their customers happy,” said technology expert Jason Hope, “and physical analytics are just one more way for businesses to do just that.”

Amy Taylor continues: “Marketing considerations aside, physical analytics are one of the strangest and most interesting new developments in the so-called Internet of things. When you get home and your dog can smell another dog on you, they might get jealous or they might get excited, but that instant communication of where you’ve been now belongs not only to pets, but buildings, stores, restaurants, even hotels and houses. Beyond consumer products and services, it should be fascinating to see how this plays out in the fields of security, health, housing and beyond.”

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