Cape Wind Awards Caldwell Marine International Contract for Offshore Wind Farm

Cape Wind will be the first offshore wind farm constructed in the US; Caldwell Marine International, Farmingdale, NJ, will be the cable installer for this historic project.

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Farmingdale, NJ (PRWEB) March 22, 2014

Caldwell Marine International, a marine contractor specializing in submarine cable installation and heavy marine construction, announced today that Cape Wind has awarded the company a contract for the installation of the underwater power cables for Cape Wind’s Massachusetts-based offshore wind farm.

As America’s first offshore wind farm, Cape Wind will jump-start the development of a domestic offshore wind power industry, ultimately revitalizing local economies by adding thousands of well-paying jobs related to the construction, operations and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

“We are proud to have been awarded this historic contract, which represents a major step forward in further developing this clean, renewable energy resource,” said Rolando Acosta, President of Caldwell Marine International. “This contract award shows that expertise and experience to install cables for offshore wind turbines exists right here in the U.S.”

The power cables are a crucial element to the success of the project, as Cape Wind will be farther away from the nearest home than any other electricity generation facility in Massachusetts. Cape Wind will consist of 130 offshore wind turbines off of the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, each one driven 80 feet into the sandy seabed.

Caldwell Marine International’s NJ-based team will deploy specialized vessels and equipment to install the submarine intra array and export cables in a series of jet-buried trenches between the electrical service platform to the point of landfall for the electric grid interconnection at the NSTAR Barnstable substation.


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Submarine Cable on Rail Car Submarine Cable on Rail Car

Submarine power cables are major transmission cables for carrying electric power below the surface of the water

Cape Wind wind farm ~ renewable energy Cape Wind wind farm ~ renewable energy

Cape Wind will create 600 to 1,000 jobs in the assembly, staging and ocean construction stage of the project

Cape Wind offshore wind farm Nantucket Sound renewable energy Cape Wind will be America’s first offshore wind farm, on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound

130 wind turbines will gracefully harness the wind to produce up to 420 megawatts of clean, renewable energy