Tummy Shield Provides Comfort to a Mother's Growing Pregnancy Belly

Safe Ride 4 Kids Presents an Alternative to Seatbelt Discomfort to Pregnant Women with the Tummy Shield

(PRWEB) March 22, 2014

Safe Ride 4 Kids is a company built out of necessity with a variety of products for pregnant mothers, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. With a complete line of car seat alternatives in travel vests, Safe Ride 4 Kids also distributes the Tummy Shield pregnancy driving seat belt positioner.

The Tummy Shield is designed to be a safe and effective alternative to the discomfort of seat belts during a woman's pregnancy. Greg Durocher, Owner and Founder of Safe Ride 4 Kids, says, "Most women find themselves pulling the lap portion of the seat belt down and holding it with their thumb or worse, not wearing a seat belt at all!" Greg's company has revolutionized the way pregnant women can ride in comfort with the invention of the Tummy Shield.

The Tummy Shield is a booster seat device which sits underneath a woman while driving and provides a seat belt repositioning latch moving the belt down away from the belly to wrap the thighs instead. This new procedure is safer and more comfortable for pregnant women according to Tummy Shield and their team of professional testers and marketers.

"Doctors tell women to never place the belt over the abdomen but should be placed low and snug over the pelvis. The problem with this is constant movement up and over the belly creating frustration and irritation for the mom and is a distraction while driving. The Tummy Shield redirects the belt away comfortably and without distraction," says Greg.

The Tummy Shield has gone through extensive product testing to protect unborn children from automobile related trauma.

Information regarding the Tummy Shield can be found in many major child safety and travel magazines as well as the Tummy Shield website.