Substance Abuse At Popular Festival: Due To Concerns Regarding Drug Use This Year's Ultra Festival Will Have More Security.

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Due to past safety issues security will be more robust this year at the Ultra Festival in Miami.

This year we have an increase of over 50 officers being deployed in addition to the number that normally patrols downtown Miami.

Walter Makaula, a reporter for CBS Miami, has written an article on the upcoming Ultra Music Festival that is taking place in Miami, Florida at the end of March. The article centers on how the police presence at the festival will be beefed up this year to respond to rowdy crowds, noise complaints, and the general safety of all patrons. The security has most likely also been increased to help reduce drug and alcohol use at the venue. Although concerts and music festivals are intended to be fun, safe events, many people like to go to them drunk or high on drugs. Many people who show up like that after often underage drinkers or in possession of illegal drugs. Substance abuse is a relevant problem not only in Florida but all over the United States.

In this article (3/14), the reporter quotes the Miami Police Commander, Lazaro Ferro, saying, “This year we have an increase of over 50 officers being deployed in addition to the number that normally patrols downtown Miami.” He also notes how that it will bring up the security count to 250 patrol officers and that the Ultra Festival will be paying for the extra police presence. Having more police officers will also help divert the number of people who decide to abuse drugs and alcohol at the festival and if anybody does get caught, it may serve as a wake-up call for them to begin changing their lifestyle. Substance abuse in Florida is a widespread issue and affects many people. Not only does it affect the people who are abusing substances, it affects the people in their lives. The actions and decisions that substance addicts make can be devastating, irreversible, and possibly even fatal. Unfortunately, many people go to events such as music festivals to abuse drugs and alcohol.

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