Tomatoes: The Grocery List App with 1M Downloads Now Released in US

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After a tremendous success in Brazil, being elected the best app for grocery lists in 2013 by Google Play Brazil, Tomatoes arrives in the US. With Tomatoes, it's possible to create lists, receive product suggestions and keep record of previous purchases.

Imagine a grocery list that gives product suggestions as items are added to it. And the more used the list is, the better these suggestions get.

That is what Tomatoes does. It helps users to create their lists in a shorter time and, as they keep using the app, it will remember their preferences and offer better suggestions overtime.

"People create grocery lists for them not to forget what to buy. This is a time consuming process and sometimes it's inevitable to forget a couple of products. Tomatoes saves it's users' time and helps them to remember everything they need to buy", says Danilo Campos, founder of Tomatoes.

How it works
“We have created an algorithm that processes a large amount of data and calculates the statistical probability of adding a certain product. Basically, we identify products that are bought together with a high frequency and display them as suggestions”, explains Danilo.

For example, after adding “Coffee”, the app will give "Milk" as a suggestion.

Note that the suggestions are related to the product the user has just added. So, if he/she adds "Milk", suggestions will be updated, and those related to the last item will be displayed on top.

All the user needs to do is repeat this process until the list is done in a few minutes. When he/she comes back to the list screen and scroll to the bottom of it, some additional suggestions may be displayed as well.

“We intend to explore suggestions even more. For the next releases we are working on more accurate suggestions and new ways to remember what to buy”, says Danilo.

Managing lists
Besides suggestions, Tomatoes has a set of features that makes it a great app:


  • It's possible to add products by typing their names or by navigating through a catalog or a list of popular products with pictures. If a product is lacking on Tomatoes catalog, it can be created by the user and also be attached a picture.
  • The user can stick to his budget by informing products' prices inside the store. Tomatoes will calculate the partial value so far.
  • It's also possible to keep a history of previous purchases, so Tomatoes can help the user to remember how much was paid for a product the last time it was bought.
  • The app allows the user to duplicate a list or create a new one from a previous purchase.
  • Copying or moving items between lists is also available.
  • Last but not least, Tomatoes synchronizes the user data across different devices.

The app is free for one list. To create more lists, it's necessary to pay US$ 2.99.

Creating more lists allows the users to stay more organized and use Tomatoes for different purposes: Weekly Groceries, Monthly Shopping, Barbecue, Drugstore, Books, Items that can't be missed on a trip and whatever else is needed.

Unlock features for free!
As a release promotion, Tomatoes allows the users to unlock the multiple lists feature by informing the gift code LOVETOMATOES. This gift code is valid until Wednesday, March 26th.

Access the following link to download Tomatoes:

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