StorkGifts Releases First Gift From Guide to Top Five Spring Children's Gifts

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In the coming weeks, StorkGifts will be releasing a series of posts on the top five StorkGifts for children, beginning today with personalized piggy banks.

Jumbo Size Personalized Piggy Bank from StorkGifts

Jumbo Size Personalized Piggy Bank from StorkGifts

Custom piggy banks are the second most popular product sold by StorkGifts. Beautifully hand painted on high quality ceramic, the piggy banks feature a child’s name custom painted on one side, with a choice of over 80 designs on the other side. Customers also have their choice of size, color (including white, pink, blue, and green), and hand painted decorations. Children have different interests, so the customized piggy bank option allows for choosing a child’s favorite activity or animal.

Piggy bank styles like the “Miss Madeleine” and “I Love Paisley” even feature adorable fabric bows and hand painted piggy face features that little girls are sure to love. A wonderful feature of StorkGifts’ piggy banks is they include a rubber stopper on the bottom, which means this timeless gift can be reused and treasured for years to come.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

According to, the piggy bank has interesting beginnings, starting off in 15th century Europe when pottery was crafted with orange clay. This clay was actually called “pygg clay,” which some believe had some influence in the name “piggy bank,” that came about later in the 20th century. The idea for a change storage container came about when Europeans emptied their pockets at the end of the workday into a clay container. The “piggy” was chosen as a symbol of financial prosperity and good luck. Piggy banks have been made of different materials through history including plaster, plastic, porcelain, and terra cotta.

Teach the value of saving

As a classic children’s gift, it also offers a great way to teach children about the value of saving money early in life, in a fun and understandable way. Teaching children a valuable life skill makes these StorkGifts piggy banks worth their weight in gold.

If children receive an allowance, saving is a great habit for them to get started on. Parents can motivate children to complete extra chores by suggesting they save up money in their piggy banks for a special toy once the pig is full. Consider offering children who complete their homework and receive good grades a small cash reward that they can put into their pig.

While today’s word revolves around digital currency and credit cards, teaching children the value of every penny is an important step in establishing a healthy financial future. According to Charles Schwab, children as young as three years old begin picking up adults’ attitudes and actions in regards to money. Charles Schwab also recommends taking the coins out of the piggy bank periodically to teach children how to count money and so they can see deposits “growing.”

Choosing a large or jumbo-sized StorkGifts piggy bank is a great choice for school-aged children saving for college or a big purchase, such as a first car. When they are old enough, children can transition the money saved into their first bank account. Get them started off saving on the right foot with a personalized piggy bank. Because most styles include a rubber stopper on the bottom, there’s no need to “break the bank!”

A thoughtful gift

Personalized piggy banks make a wonderful gift for children of any age. Even for a newborn, giving a piggy bank is a lovely way to get started on saving for the baby’s bright future. StorkGifts’s piggy banks look especially cute on a shelf or dresser in a nursery or children’s bedroom. Because customers can choose the color and design, the piggy banks can be coordinated with the décor of the room.

StorkGifts piggy banks also make a wonderful children’s gifts for the milestones in child’s life like birthdays, first communion, graduation from kindergarten, visits from the “tooth fairy,” and any other celebrations.

Order a beautiful personalized piggy bank from StorkGifts today! The personalization process is simple and there are many options to choose from to make any child excited about learning to save money! To view the StorkGifts personalized piggy bank collection, click here.

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